Monday, December 26, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

This has been my most reasonable Christmas season food-wise ever.  Due to to overwhelming busy-ness, my neighbor did not organize the neighborhood cookie party, so I didn't make cookies.  I also did not make any high-carb ethnic Christmas goodies for my husband.  The only treat this year was paleo chocolate bark, and I gave most of it away.  Sis didn't even have pie for Christmas dinner.  She did serve gingerbread, which has sparked me into figuring out how to make a tasty wheat-free low-sugar paleo version.

On Christmas eve, we went for a long hike near the ocean, and while we were waiting for others to return to the car, we listened on the radio to a wonderful story by Melinda Lee, all about the history of gingerbread.  Maybe that is why it tasted so good.  Or maybe it was because of over two hours of hiking.

Today I am getting back on track.  I weigh a bit less than I did at Halloween, and my goal is to weigh LESS at the end of the holidays than when they started.

At the beginning of the year, I plan to restart another round of leptin reset.  This time, I will be removing all foods that could possibly be inflammatory.  While my CRP is in the normal to low range, it is still higher than what Dr. Kruse recommends, so I am going to try to beat it back to nearly zero.  I have already restarted the diet portion of the reset, but I know for sure that I won't be complying with the recommended evening sleep and light schedules during the New Year celebrations.

Merry Christmas!!

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