Sunday, May 20, 2012

Revelation without Inclusion leads to Deletion

Recently I decluttered my bloglist.  Unfortunately, I am feeling like its the Tibetan Book of the Dead, where you have that little visualization where you remove your job, your stuff, your relationships, and what is left after all the noise and light and the dancing and everything goes away?
I am sure it is not factor X.  Gosh, where would I be if I wasn't surfing, linking or blogging?  If things keep up, I might have to find out.
It was another interesting week in the paleodome, with more Kruse-bashing, back-stabbing, double-crossing and mob behavior.
Yes, Robb, you have been piling on Kruse Sai Baba, since it looks like now the craziness will be cutting into your moneymaking opportunities?  I don't know.  Paleo elitists and the commoners were free to trash anyone and anything they saw fit for a long long long time now.  They voted early and often, and well before Jack Kruised in and became the keynote speaker for just about everything, and now you want to pin the paleo-train-wreck all on him?  If you are going to pull that money stunt, Robb, I might have to break up with you.

And I say, Paleo's, look within for your own rot before looking for a scapegoat.  What's up with bashing everyone who enjoys the Kruse Kruise?  I can see people's fascination with going after the luminaries, but is it really necessary to tar and feather every fan, to insult them repeatedly, invoke the C word, to follow them around on the internet and then make fun of them on Paleohacks and on @SKS?  Yes, luminaries, that's very illuminating when I see you do that. (And if you are a luminary who used to be on my blog list, there is a very high probability that you are no longer on my bloglist because I saw your posts with @SKS before it was removed by the authorities.  Yes, all good fun, right, everybody knew that didn't they?)

On The Other Hand.  Jack, Jack, Jack......Don't you know that Revelation without Inclusion leads to Deletion?  For those careful readers of my blog who haven't delved into the Kruse's esoteric writings or have already been kicked off his website, the bigger problem started when Jack went to a paid-webinar system to reveal his revelations.  All good fun for a time, until some of the "webinarians" entertained the idea of separate meet-ups for the enlightened ones who had purchased the "factor X" webinar and the cold, dark, miserable worms who had not.

And, being the cold, dark, miserable worm that I am, I don't like the way people are telling me that if I attend a meet-up, well, they just might be able to talk about Factor X with me if they get permission from the Good Doctor, otherwise we might just have to schedule a second meet-up just for the worms.  Wow!, I am thinking this isn't a really good way to encourage meeting-up, and I am thinking, this is "How to Create a Cult -101" and not liking being a part of it.

Jack chimed in somewhere else, noting that going to a play costs 100 dollars.  Dang, there goes my monthly food bill again.  I guess if I wanted to be truly enlightened, I could be a webinarian and eliminate my need for real food altogether.


  1. i tried reading Kruse's site, but there was more "sound and fury" than anything promising for ME (as a hypothyroid, the idea of using too much cold water is something my instincts reject -- and i'm old enough to obey my instincts). but the bashing is something that makes me side with him.... i'm with you, all this really has the earmarks of a wingnut religion! (and ironically, most of the paleo crowd seems to be anti-religious.)

    seems like, as soon as somebody with a good blog has something to SELL, their quality goes right down the toilet.

  2. Oh, I have really enjoyed reading his posts, and trying some of his suggestions. My sense is that he is deeply hurt by Krusegate and then FTA stabbing him in the back. Had he circled his wagons with myself on the inside I might feel differently. But, Kruse and I have disagreed over the money issue for a long time. He seems to be of the opinion that people who say they don't have money for this are stupid and unenlightened. He must have grown up poor, and there is a huge difference between being poor and having no money. Grok didn't need no stinkin' money, so why should I? :D

  3. Tess, try the CT. I think you will be surprised.

  4. i DO like cold weather, and it's easy to get used to swimming in cold water if the weather's hot, but for some reason my soul rebels against the thought of cold showers, etc....

  5. EB, do you actually immerse yourself in a tub of cool water when you do CT? (Or is it just cold showers & the like?)

    If you're doing tub immersion, what durations & temps are you doing?

    I guess I'm being a wuss about starting.

  6. I started the face dunks, then went to cold showers, then to soaks in an outdoor tub or pool. I don't think the water was ever under 55. Currently I don't have the technology for colder temps (big freezer, lots of ice, thermometer) but I plan to have that in place by fall. I also try to spend time outside during the cold parts of the day and do cold showers still. I don't usually swim, just sit and shiver.

  7. Hi, it's Zorica from OHC. (On blogger it shows up as Gladina b/c I chose that name before just using Zorica, which is with the same email.

    Anyways, I just saw on this post about $100 for food a/ month. Please tell me what tips and tricks you do to be able to afford food for a month for $100. I would indeed like this very much, as I have not found the way yet.

    Now I am shifting $$ for certain supplements since after 6 months I felt like I couldn't get away with NO supplements (unfortunately).

    Since July I went 'epi-paleo' and maybe I was super hard core but I ended up eating pretty much only seafood. I also forgot to eat Brazil nuts for selenium.

    I am now starting to suspect that maybe I was having some mercury related problems? Since I was getting all my seafood (frozen) from the Asian store. I also got SOME canned seafood, but not much during that time. It was mainly all frozen. It should have been safe, yes?

    I cannot guarantee that this was my 'problem' I am just trying to figure it all out. Which makes me go round and round in circles. Some problems I had were not new to the seafood and some you see why it's hard for me to figure it out.

    Since January I have been smarter and I have added beef heart and Brazil nuts. I ate bacon before, but I don't think enough. I eat more bacon again. Something I will test is chicken despite what I was led to believe about it being 'foul'...I just want my budget to work too at this point. I eat the gristle on the bones so I can't see how chicken would be THAT bad...but maybe hearing from someone who is rational to explain any possible dangers with chicken.

    As a result of possible immune problems (should I even be eating nuts...but gah I like them. ie. brazil and almonds). I would like to look more closely at methylation and see if I can help myself out by exploring the B complex route. I have taken B's in the past but with so many other things at the same time I was never able to isolate if it was B's per se (Except for B12 I felt it could give instant energy). Also after July I thought I was 'good to go' and didn't need to worry 'ever again'...oops.

    So yes, you've seen me post at Woo's blog many times and I never know if I have hypoT or not (or probably just possible auto immune related issues)....again I don't find decent dr.s' to I go on my own but it's flying blind.

    Btw, I love your posts on Woo's blog. Adds insight and perspective to the conversation. I might feel short (besides my height lol) on my contributions as what I tend to write is to whine about some 'problem' I'm having. LoL

    Cheers! And happy surfing!

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