Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year and a New Challenge

It's time for a new "Paleo on 100 dollars a Month" challenge!!!!!

Was it supposed to be April this year?  I keep moving it to see how the challenge changes with the seasons.  On first thought, you might think that January would be the hardest month.  Them Paleo's say that we need to eat whale blubber in the winter because our ancestors couldn't get fresh food.  Well, everyone around here knows them Paleo's are stupid, right?, and that there is plenty of fresh fruit coming in at this time of year, and the greens have never been better.  In fact, today's menu includes my own fresh home-grown tomatoes and strawberries.

Of course, this is with a modern twist, 'cause unlike Grok, who didn't have no stinkin' freezer, I do.  And it would have been too hard for Grok to keep the wooly mammoths out of his stash of fall berries that he hung from a tree branch right outside cave, but apparently, once some food goes into my freezer, it rarely gets stolen.  That's the modern twist.  Outrageous abundance, or waste for some, and always new food coming in so you don't even really have an opportunity to use left-overs unless you work at it.

Originally I was just trying to free up some freezer space right before the holiday rush, but the food kept coming in.  Our "cave" is a mecca for heat-seeking friends and family in the winter.  They visit, take us out to eat, buy stuff like liquor, books, small appliances, medicines and extra clothing, and then can't fit it in the luggage, so we end up with more stuff than ever.  I thought, "I can't possibly eat down the fridge by the next challenge!"

Sooo, this early challenge is just really a way to incentivize cleaning out my freezer.  This challenge will be harder than last year's, mainly because the prices of meat and dairy have risen, and I don't usually get all that stuff for free.  The biggest challenge for me will be to eat healthy instead of just to eat for cheap or free.  There really is plenty of free bad food.  I don't want to eat so much of it this time.

Yes, there is some stuff I actually paid for in the freezer.  Staples like ice cream and liver, and probably a pound of grass-fed butter somewhere way in the bottom. (Just joking on the staples-thing there.  I know many reading this here blog don't "do" ice cream anymore.)  There are a few ice packs, and a tray of ice cubes for eating, but the rest is free stuff from people's gardens, bits of this and that, and a gaggle of plastic bags stuffed with various kinds of rendered animal fat.

Happy New Year, and wish me luck!


  1. Good luck and looking forward to following you along!

  2. Hi - certainly do wish you luck and like Karen, and many of your followers, look forward to following you and hearing how things are going. Have a good 2014

    All the best Jan