Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Well F3K 'em!

Dr. Yoni says it best.

Read all about the fancy "nutritional" conference, the "tool" RD's who attend, and the absolutely astounding verbiage from the conference hosts on the good Doc's blog.  Oh, and don't forget the amazing RD tweets.

Yeah, I think we should get rid of cell phones and processed food and all that nasty stuff.  EMF makes you fat, along with eating all that saturated fat.  Thank goodness we have registered dietitians learning all about physics and waves and power calculations 'n' geeky science-y stuff like NU-TREE-INTS. 

Same with baby formula.  Baaaaaad!  I am giving it up today.  But don't take away my internet, no matter how fat it makes me.

Sooooo, processed food isn't the problem?  Technology isn't the problem?  What, low carb advocates aren't even the problem?  You mean its NOT the microwave?

I blame the tools.

Go Here. 


  1. if by "tools" you mean the brainless dispensers of corporate shilldom, I blame them too. ;-)

  2. Naw, I'd call THEM hirelings. A tool is used for free. Nothing like shaping public opinion through social media one free lunch at a time.

  3. I went to check twitts presented by Dr. Yoni. I found, EB, that I completely share your sentiments.

  4. I just couldn't believe these tweets ..... but even on second reading they were the same !!! EEK.

    All the best Jan