Thursday, May 22, 2014

A yukky Week for the Celiacs

Don't let me rip apart another clinical study!!!!!!  (Especially when I haven't read all of it....)

By now you have heard from practically everywhere that a new clinical study has prooooved for all time that all that gluten-free faddy stuff is stupid.

The new vast-grain-conspiracy mantra is:  NO -SEE -BO'O

What don't I like about the study, even after not reading it:  First, media sensationalism.  Hyperbole.  Gluten FAD diets.  What's not to hate about the way the media has handled this?

Then there is the idea of replacing the BAD gluten with something equally bad, dairy.

Third, there is the short cross-over period, and very short wash-out time.  I don't know about you-all, but major symptoms for me need at least two weeks.  Three days for the big stuff, maybe that is for most people who have full-blown "intestinal" celiac.

Perlmutter says it best in his blog post, what is really wrong with this study.  He also hints at the idea behind why I refuse to get "officially" diagnosed for celiac.  There is no reason on earth why I should go to a gastroenterologist for an expensive and invasive test if I do not even have "their" symptoms.  At best they might find local antibodies, but damage, not as much.  I can eat all that FODMAP stuff like jerusalem artichokes, onions, greens, cole crops.  I eat tons of veggies.  (I know, SHOCKING, on a LCHF diet, just SHOCKING!  I must be the only one.)  Why force me to eat wheat for six months, surely increasing the gluten-related neurological problems, just so I can make some non-symptomatic GI problems bad enough for a gastroenterologist to make money off me?

Actually, I am OK with the small sample size.  A small, well-done study with responsible reporting always wins.


  1. here is the link to the Second opinion on the CD, the quote about which I told you is after the minute 23

  2. SO, yeah, I agree, people continue to be stupid about gluten, YET, the incidence continues to rise of issues. GMO, much??!! I think that has a major part to play here. Not all, but some. AT least for the exponential increase.

  3. laypeople -- me included -- get sloppy about nomenclature. so it ISN'T the gluten which is getting us down, it's another component of semi-dwarf wheat.... i guess we should all be saying "wheat sensitivity" instead, but an awful lot of people don't seem to realize that there are a lot of other proteins in wheat besides gluten. :-)

  4. Ah, but for some of us, IT REALLY IS ALL ABOUT THE GLUTEN!!!! Where did it read it, that the majority of serological celiacs eventually develop the intestinal damage required for the official diagnosis. I have just been reading Hyperlipid's early posts on gluten, and he has an interesting perspective. I am rusty on immunology. In all the bio and anatomy classes, they save the nervous system and immunity for last, and almost no class gets to it. There is so much disinformation at the intersection of the two with respect to celiac. Hope you will go on over and take a read.

  5. You should look into what gluten does to water chemistry. It might give you something else to consider.

  6. thanks Jack! Another rabbit hole for me.