Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fat and Happy

Now I have to admit that if I didn't watch Dr. Mike Eades Twitter feed (!/DrEades ), I wouldn't have much to say on this here blog, but he always finds such fun stuff, and then I can't shut up about it myself.  Now here's a fun and oh so scholarly abstract:
Hmmmm, people who eat a higher-fat diet describe other fat-eaters as happy?  And low-fat eaters as high-strung?  Maybe they are on to something.
It just reminds me of the what the Trailer Park Troubadours eat on down there at the trailer park.  Here's a little sample of the food they eat there.  (I know it's a Christmas tune, but really, they eat that way all the time.)
(And yes, they really did have the album entitled "Double Wide and Dangerous" and they probably don't mean papers, but all those high-fat-eatin' low-carb people trailers.   Here's the album:;jsessionid=8F44E939659AE0C74459D684097CA3F8.qscstrfrnt04?productId=1&categoryId=2 )
Hey, we all know about Jimmy Moore's low carb cruise:
Here's the other cruise, for people Lardo, which I am guessing by the name, eattza lotta fat:

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