Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sugar Sugar

Yes!  Gary Taubes is at it again, with a new piece on sugar.  Sweet!  He discusses the state of sugar research and the latest theories.  If you are grabbing a cup of coffee to enjoy while you read this, you might want to leave out the sugar, at least until you read this.  Its all about Dr. Lustig, with a link to his quite long but interesting viral video.  If you have been following this here blog, you have probably already enjoyed Dr. Lustig's video presentation.  Mr. Taubes article will probably give the video another million or more hits.
And, here's the great gardening graphic used to really show us how much sugar we are eating on average.
Personally, I am always shocked when I am around kids and kids programs for any length of time.  There is an organized snack every hour or so, completely devoid of protein (except maybe for peanut butter) and stuffed with sugary versions of every kind.  Things like sugary graham crackers topped with icing out of a tub, and juice boxes galore, dried fruit soaked in sugar, cookies of all kinds.  How did it get like this?

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