Saturday, May 14, 2011

Introducing Dr. Briffa

And now, something from across the pond.  I have visited Dr. Briffa's meaty and well-written blog a couple of times, and I really need to visit more often.  He reports on studies that get little or no attention here in the States.
Here's a great blog post examining some of the difficulties encountered when the typical carb-y diet is recommended for diabetics.
One look at his website will show that this famous low-carb diet doctor is trying to "scam a buck" from you by offering a free e-book.  While you are there, take a look at the posts touting his "disastrous, dangerous and above all-boring!" low carb diet and the scandalously long list of blog topics and posts, also for free.  It can be really handy for people who really want to understand carbohydrates but have chosen not to visit a registered dietitian in their area.
It looks like the American Diabetes Association is changin'.  While low-carb is not the official policy, their classes say go lower carb.  Kudo's to them for looking at the data and turning the ship around.
Dr. Briffa's May 13 podcast discusses a Paleo diet for diabetics.  He discusses the sad progression of the disease for people who follow the standard higher-carb diet.

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