Friday, May 27, 2011

Trolls, Sat-fatties, and other Birds of a Feather

Well, you say it is happening elsewhere?  
When I was a kid, we took the extra ARTERYCLOGGINGSATURATED bacon fat out to the bird feeder in the winter, to make sure the birds didn't die of starvation.
Those crazy birdies, with all their chirping about saturated fat.  Seems like Dr. Jay, along with some other birdies, has been having a bit of trouble at a dieting website.  Moderators run amok?  You decide.  (Oh, while you are there, why don't you stop and read what else the good Dr. Wortman says about diabetes and diet?)
You will also find him here and there as:  "Canuck1950"  He also made a movie "My Big Fat Diet" and you can watch the trailer on Youtube and then tell all your diabetic friends about it.

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  1. I'm glad I still follow Jimmy Moore's site occasionally, because apparently someone from higher up stepped in and smacked down the mods who banned Dr. Wortman. The whole scoop will be interesting, but let's hope something more permanent and positive has come of this.