Friday, March 15, 2013

Things aren't what they seem even more than ever

My diet is dwindling down to fewer and fewer food groups, and moving into dangerous territory.  And I was thinking that it would really dwindle down to only kale, except the bagrada bug has also taken care of kale.  And, it is a good thing that Dr. Kruse just discovered that we can get all the electrons we need from the ground, instead of trying to get them from all this adulterated food.

First it was the genetically modified salmon, but now milk?  I was mostly on the primal side of paleo, but now will I have to go full-blown paleo?

I had planned another milk post even before this new plan came out this week.  It seems like People In Charge want to change our milk again, this time by adding artificial chemicals that cause neurological disruption (OK, at least in me.)  I don't think this is a good idea for this adulateration information not to be included prominently on the label.

This week, I visited that local store that says everything is 99 cents but that they really sell for a dollar.  I grabbed a container of whipping cream.  How bad can budget cream be?  Well, I was shocked that cream now contains milk.  I was somewhat prepared for the variety of gums and thickeners that are added to cream, but this addition of milk to cream and still calling it cream really stumped me.

...Like the label on one bottle of a dairy-type item  "Fat-free half and half".  And I don't know, maybe it the weird math-geek in me, but I am thinking that if it has no fat, how can it be half and half?  To me, half and half means 50/50, not 100/0 with additives.  If someone wanted to sell something with 100/0, then they couldn't call it something that implies some sort of 50/50.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah, aspartame.  Years ago, I actually had something in common with our Dear Dr. Emily.  I had a diet coke habit.  I enjoyed a diet coke mid-morning, and mid-afternoon, until the coke machine at work turned out such bad-tasting water that I couldn't drink it anymore.  Then I started bringing my own cans to work.  This opened up an opportunity to experience a wide variety of diet Coke flavors.

After about a decade of this, I realized that aspartame consumed regularly wasn't doing me any good.  I thought it was the caffeine, but then realized I didn't get those effects from drinking gobs of caffeine-laden real coffee.  I got unnecessarily jittery, and less clear-headed than before, and a bit anxious.  After awhile, after reading so much negative press about aspartame, I switched from Diet Coke to regular Coke, but had only one "serving" a day.  I figured that sugar wasn't be best for me, but better than aspartame.

When I switched from aspartame to HFCS, I did gain weight.  Since then, of course, I have given up all pre-packaged soft drinks.  Every once in awhile I'll buy a bottle of sparkling mineral water and add in some home-made syrup.  I especially like chocolate-mint soda, but I have to be careful with it because it does contain too much sugar.

Now that I am not eating any adulterated unlabeled food anymore, I guess it is time to go to the beach and dig my feet into the sand and suck up all the electrons.  Mmmmmm!  Tasty!  I love being a groundaterian.

I'm going to clue you-all in as to why I think dieting makes people crazy.  Here's what is totally STUPID about the state of diet recommendations and our ability to follow them.  Practically every "diet" food being sold on the market has added aspartame.  Recently I visited a chain grocery store right in Dr. Mary Dan Eades backyard.  I was shocked that there was a whole aisle of yogurts and yogurt-like products, and I could not find ONE SINGLE FULL-FAT variety of yogurt!   Everything was low fat, and most contained aspartame.

Am I the only one thinking it is really funny that the People In Charge remove that nasty butterfat from the cow and treat it as toxic waste, and then add a real toxic unnatural additive to what is left and call that milk?  Not funny-ha-ha, funny-this-is-weird.


  1. I guess their aspartame initiative may backfire - in the addition to a growing gluten-free crowd it will be a fast-growing milk-free crowd.

  2. WHAT CAN THEY BE THINKING??? [sigh....]

  3. manufacturers want to meet newer school calorie guidelines by taking real cream out and adding in flavorings to mask the bad taste of skim milk. They don't want to use sugar anymore, because of the calories.

  4. Hmmmmmmmmm, diet milk. What's next, diet water?

    Oh, wait...

  5. oh, so you have read Dr. Kruse's new post. Now there are even more kinds of water to worry about.