Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Meat and Veggies on 100 dollars a Month

It's cheep food time!  Once again, a food challenge, same rules as last time, only it's not really paleo, since the current version of paleo is still in a complete cesspool, full of KKK wizards, drunken misogynists, internet stalkers, dens of vipers, on and on althewhile while people trying to make money on tin-foil hat sales wring their hands as they hopelessly watch their whole market base go down in flames......

What's next?  No, not paleo on Dr. Oz.  Another great food challenge to cheer us all up.

I am armed with a camera this time, and a freezer full of free ham fat.  Watch out world!

Paleo has been weird, but the rest of the world has been kind and generous.  Still, this challenge won't be a cinch, especially since food prices are higher than last year.  So, if there is to be any cheese-cutting around here in April, it will be because of the bumper crop of Jerusalem artichokes, not because I can afford an actual wheel of cheese.

This year will feature more food gifts and less home-grown produce, due to crop failure, laziness, and the general time of the year.  It will be too late for lettuce and too early for tomatoes.   The good news is that this has been a wonderful year for all types of citrus.  Yay!!!  No Scurvy.


  1. it's a funny thing -- i'm drawn to cheap cuts of meat these days because they're more INTERESTING to work with than than pricey things like prime rib and tenderloin steaks.... kinda reminds me of my student days when i was trying to do creative things on a small price-tag cuz we were simply POOR. :-) i'll be interested to see what YOU buy and prepare!

  2. It is a cheep cabbage time now in our area! I love green cabbage. I made several times a layered casserole with whole cooked cabbage leaves and ground meat, sauteed veggies and tomato souse. I like to mix ground cheap cooked meats like heart or chicken stomachs with ground raw beef or turkey + raw garlic and onion .
    Sometimes I wish I wouldn't have a chip in my head with a cook book, but it helps too.
    Tess is right - cheep cuts are more interesting, most of it have a lot of connective tissue which is delicious after a long cooking - tong, feet,jowl meat. I also like how pork butt roast is priced, great for grounding as well.

  3. yes, cheap cabbage will be featured, but only because it comes from the garden at this time of the year.
    I don't think I ever had a tenderloin or ribeye, but I did have prime rib a few times before going with a "meat and veggie" diet.

  4. Cheap cabbag????? I love red cabbage but I'd have to mortgage my house (if I had one) to buy a head at the prices they sell them for here.

  5. 1 British Pound Sterling equals 1.51 US Dollar. To eat well for a month on a hundred dollars will takes some doing. Please let us know how you get on and give us a rough idea of your grub.

    Regards Eddie

  6. Cabbage is pretty cheap this time of year, since they grow lots for St. Patty's day. But, it is also the time of year that it comes in around here, and I have lots of trading partners. In fact, we just enjoyed half a head of cabbage this evening for dinner, courtesy of a friend. Last week, even organic cabbage was less than 20 cents a pound.

  7. Love this experiment. I'll be following your progress!