Friday, May 31, 2013

Another reason not to eat wheat?

Hey, I'm not really into food disparagement, but really, what is happening with the GMO scene in this country?
Before he got elected, Obama promised to take positive action on the GMO issue, but he's been a steady supporter of the companies who are trying to ram GMO's down our throats and make us like it.
By now, most have heard about the GMO wheat found on an Oregon farm.  This whole story is troubling for several reasons.
First of all, does this mean that GMO's are not contained like they were promised?  Surprise. Surprise.  Agriculture was already suspect in Oregon, due to all the testing that has been going on there.  That's why I select and grow out my own beet and swiss chard seeds.  Their pollen travels so far that I fear that every seed-producing plot around that area is probably already contaminated with GMO pollen.
Second, there are many countries who have insisted on no-GMO's, and today we just heard loud and clear from Japan.  I think other countries will follow.
Third, this is so bad for the farmer's.  I don't eat much wheat myself, but I always have thought it is OK for everyone else to make their own food choices.  These Oregon farmers', whose trade organization has rejected GMO wheat, are now stuck with the consequences.  Now, ideally, I would like to see them switch to farming that is more integrated with livestock, and to start growing forage crops like with "grass-fed" cattle eat.  But they have a problem there, too.  Many of the alternative crops are also GMO, in fact, wheat was pretty much the last holdout.
Here's a recent story.
(BTW, my take on GMO's is that they should be more carefully reviewed before release.  The technique alters proteins in unexpected ways, which can produce toxins and allergies.  Earlier I had assumed, like the researchers told me, that proteins are broken down by the animals who eat them.  Now I know that this is not true, and that gut bacteria can assimilate the protein easily, and then propagate it.  Even though I avoid eating GMO protein, I am sure my garden compost, and the microbes that live there, are contaminated.  Oh well.)


  1. It is what it is, we live in a GMO environment now, regardless of how much we like it

  2. :-( i agree completely -- this makes it even more important to avoid.

  3. Hi EB

    I do not eat much wheat it is one of the foods I minimise, but the sad fact is we are now living in an ever increasing GMO environment and unfortunately I believe things will not improve only get worse.

    All the best Jan

  4. And to respond to the commenters above:

    You are correct. We do. Things will not improve. Until people start to die. And then it will not improve. Until ~LOTS~ of people start to die.

    And then, 30 years later, we might see some improvement. Oh wait. These are the same people that are pushing the "low fat, whole grain" agenda. (I hope Keys is roasting in hell...)

    Yeah, it won't change, but that doesn't mean we aren't getting skrewd by it.