Thursday, May 16, 2013

I just want to set the record straight

There is so much backlash regarding grain-free or paleo diets.  I just wanted to tell the world here, those who say it is lots of bacon and everything....

I haven't had bacon for around 6 weeks, I guess?  My local store no longer carries bacon ends, and the other store has the ends in a large package that doesn't keep well enough before I can use it all.  I don't have any more bacon fat in the fridge, either.

So, what's with the full-scale attack on grain-free diets?  Is it some vast grain conspiracy?  The dietitians seem to be out in full force, making some of us look foolish, faddish, whatever.  How is that working for your credibility as a profession? 

I have been cooking with more butter lately, both because the grass-fed stuff has been on sale and also in arterycloggingsaturatedfat-"solid"-arity with those poor kids in NYC who are denied it.

Oh wait!  I had some bacon bits on a salad when we went out to eat recently.  Made it edible, in fact, made it tasty.


  1. If the effects of grains in the diet became widely known, it would RUIN the country's economy. It's crucial to a lot of people to nip this anti-grain trend in the bud.

    My MIL's family has been into wheat-farming over a century, so I've had a little contact.... The equipment required for this kind of agriculture is horribly expensive, so once they acquire it, they can't afford to stop growing that particular crop. Smaller farmers don't make much money, either -- the man who actually farms her 320 acres hands over just a few thousand every year. The people who get rich off grain and legume ag are the cereal/oil/whatever PROCESSORS, who have also invested a lot in equipment.

    No wonder they want to discredit us....

  2. They're running scared.

    As for the bacon not keeping long's not a problem at my house.

  3. " vast grain conspiracy "...
    conspiracy suggests a rational plan for profit or other purpose. They have no plan, they are not organized. They do wrong out of ignorance, not out of intent, and for money. It is our social duty to educate them to the damage they do. From a non-thesis, this is a "right is on our side" statement.

    Yes, there are people within those grain companies that just sell grain (and sugar, other acellular carbohydrates) that know it is wrong, and just do it for the money.

    On bacon:
    bacon rap beef...
    bacon fried cabbage...
    bacon fried carrots with cinnamon, or any other vegetable,
    bacon and anything....
    bacon chips on any vegetable...
    typically no leftovers...
    I have never, in memory had bacon spoil. Oh well, life is good.

    1. Bacon USED to be prepared so it would keep during the winter, but now it's just processed for flavor. Since so many people are afraid of salt, that's reduced these days, so the bacon does NOT keep the way it used to. :-(

  4. Bacon does not hang around long enough to go off in our place. Most mornings it's eggs bacon mushrooms and cherry toms. For close on twenty years I ate a ‘healthy breakfast‘ Cereals, lots of toast and Tropicana orange juice by the pint. It very near killed me. I check out what dieticians are saying and go 180 in the opposite direction. You think I’m nuts ? Check out Hope Warshaw.

    Regards Eddie

  5. the problem with our "efficient" agricultural model is that it does involve expensive equipment, and they can't just change on a time. At my home and the organic garden, I (we) can just plant something else. You just go buy some other seed and put it in, done deal.

  6. Eddie, I ate oatmeal with raisins, and also orange juice for breakfast for years. I also had eggs every once in awhile, but I tried to limit them to 4 a week "for health". Good for me that I wasn't all too successful at limiting eggs and cheese. That probably saved me.

  7. I saw "lower sodium" bacon at the store today. I didn't get it. (And I don't get it. What is the point?)
    @Tess, my family got out of wheat farming a long time ago, and now do soy, and rotate with corn.

  8. Lori, I think they are scared. And they are using their new talking head, Marlene Zuk to delve into the "fantasy". UMinn is the command central of the anti-fat, pro-wheat crowd. I am thinking that it is much better to give customers what they want than it is to be afraid of them.

  9. " it a vast grain conspiracy?"


    Monsanto just wrote their own law! They just put together legislation, and put that legislation on the President of the United States of America and got the guy to SIGN IT!!!!

    What the ACTUAL F#@&?

    If you want to know how big it is, just follow the ingredients Wheat and Sugar. If you track those two products, and everything that they are in and then count all that money, we are talking Trillions with a T!

    You bet your ass it's a conspiracy. And they don't care HOW many people they kill as long as they keep raking in Trillions with a T. That is not hyperbole. It is typical, American, Corporate GREEEEEEED.

    Yes, it is a conspiracy. Yes, it goes all the way to the top. No, no single person is going to have an impact on it.

    Trillion with a T. You would most likely do anything to protect that. And if you wouldn't, some @$$hole in a faceless corporation would.

    But don't be mad, don't be upset. Corporations are people too!

    Don't get me started on this particular conspiracy. It will burn out your eyes of you stare at it too long...

  10. They are doing a creepy war. It is sort of like a really bad x-boyfriend. "If you don't go out with me I'll say bad things about you on twitter..."

  11. FredT, thanks for the menu plan for this week!

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