Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Vegan Friends

Hey, my friends are nice people, mostly.  They love animals, and the planet.  Or, they are allergic to meat.

And then, there is Dr. MacDougall.  Well, based on his interview with Jimmy ("what is your authority") Moore, he is certainly not in it for the spiritual reasons.  He represents all that is wrong with our medical and nutrition professions.  He has no authority.

When I first started listening, it sounded like an exchange at a typical holiday dinner around here, except after someone yells out,

"Atkins diet KILLS PEOPLE!!!!  I saw a study!!!!!!" and then everything settles down and someone offers a piece of pie.

At the last dinner, I met a new vegan.  We were talking about diet and I mentioned that I used to be vegan but now am pretty much the opposite.  She had an interesting response, unlike our Dr. MacDougall (who has ALL this DATA showing that Atkins KILLS people!!!!!!).

"Hey, everyone is different."



  1. unfortunately, it's usually the jerks in any group who call attention to themselves and give all their fellows a bad name. :-(

  2. Too true, Tess. The less they have to say, the louder they say it.

  3. Most vegetarians that I meet practice it out of misgaided attempt to improve their health. To see the result makes me heartbroken. My former mother-in-law just recently asked me to try to speak with her youngest son about dangers of avoiding animal products. He got married at 43 second time, wants to have children with his much younger wife, and sees vegetarianism as the way to improve his present and future life. So far his health got worse.

  4. My vegan friends come from all places, but I think it is mostly because I was a veg*n for so long that we used to hang around together during mealtimes at work. I really think there is a new breed of vegan that is more militant and more in tune with MacDougall's attitude. I don't think that the attitude is very healthy, or very spiritual, if that is why they do it, then I think they are missing the boat. Maybe if they are just on a sustainability crusade, the bad behavior is justified.