Tuesday, July 9, 2013

OK, so I actually read it

A "friend" gave me a copy of Dr. Atkins' latest low carb book.  It was last updated in 2002.  This is the first time I actually read it.

While I was well-versed in the basics of the diet, I was pleasantly surprised at all the other content.  It is certainly NOT what the RD's have been making it out to be.  Surely, as diet professionals, they have had over a decade to get and read this book.

There were (gasp!) vegetables in there.  And pleas to take yer vitamins, do moderate exercise, take yer fiber if you need it.  Truly, it wasn't gluttony and sloth.  He said, hey, take it easy on the artificial sweeteners and "bars".

I was mostly surprised at the fairly long chapter on stalls.  He had many suggestions and reasons for stalls, suggestions that I thought had been discovered much more recently.  Yep.  Stuff like cheese and nuts and hormones.

I think that complaining about how stupid Atkins is by the RD's, is the best marker of professional stupidity around.  If all you can say about Atkins is that while you are on it, you will die with your last bad breath, well then yer an effin' idiot.  Rant over.


  1. lol -- i replied to your comment on MY blog before reading this.... yes, Atkins had a LOT of experience with real-life patients which gave him insight that "obesity researchers" never get a clue about. too much theory, not enough practice!

  2. I like what Banting had to say....


    1. That dear Mr. Banting -- the Jimmy Moore of his day!

  3. Wondering why you quoted "friend"?

  4. Great rant, we all need one every now and again!

    .....and I love vegetables they go well with the meat and fish that I love to eat, but that's me.....

    All the best Jan

  5. The "friend" was really the free table at a local community center.