Friday, October 4, 2013

Start Etching the Tombstone

Yep.  The results are in.  You-all regulars readers of this here blog probably remember what my doc said awhile back.  Hey, low carb is OK for weight loss, but after two years I'll start getting the risk factors for heart disease.

Of course, we all know a risk factor isn't a risk, and a risk factor isn't even a disease.  But I don't even have risk factors!   After 3 years of low (or lowish, some days) carb, my doc might be surprised that I am not coming into the office for chest pains.  Here's what a few blood tests are currently showing.

Total cholesterol 174
Triglycerides  70
HDL  69
LDL calculated  91
Cholesterol/HDL ratio  2.5
Cholesterol, non-HDL  105

My total cholesterol continues to go down from its peak at the start of my low-carb journey.

My triglycerides were higher than the last time, but still less than half what they were 25 years ago when I was eating a "clean" heathywholegrains vegetarian diet and running 35 miles a week.

My HDL went down slightly from the peak in 2012, but it is still about double what I had measured 25 years ago.

My LDL calculation continues to decrease from the recent peak in 2009.  (I don't remember what it was 25 years ago, but it was probably low since my total cholesterol was in the 130's.)

My Chol/HDL ratio is a "healthy" 2.5.  My more meaningful Trig/HDL ratio is one.  (Twenty-five years ago, this ratio was around 5!)

The non-HDL cholesterol reading is new, so I have nothing to compare.  Who knows if that is a good number or not.

This morning I enjoyed a tiny amount of sweet potato strips cooked with undrained bacon and greens.  Then I had a couple of eggs cooked in butter.  I washed all that down with a mug of joe and real full-fat cream.  For lunch, I enjoyed salmon with mayonnaise and basil, pork rinds with sour cream (don't worry, doc, it was low-fat sour cream I bought by mistake), a tiny fig and a full-cream iced coffee.  Arterycloggingfersure.  The numbers tell all.


  1. yep, you're obviously on the endangered list! to what funeral home should i send the flowers? ;-)

    good to see you posting again!

  2. Hi E B

    I agree with Tess, great to see you posting again!

    And well done on your numbers. Low carb High fat makes sense to me.

    Have a great weekend

    All the best Jan

  3. My total cholesterol went up last year from 201 to 254 (I am on LC since 2007), it coincides with more dis-regularities of my menstrual cycle. I used it to manipulate my GP into prescribing me the hormonal replacement therapy. Without the insurance it would be $500 for two creams.

    More details:

    TC - 254,
    total LDL direct 157 (norm less then 130)
    total HLD direct 75
    total VLDL 22 (norm less then 30)
    trigs 91
    LP(a) cholesterol 8.0 (norm less than 10)
    real LDL cholesterol 135 (norm less than 100)
    real LDL particle size pattern A

  4. Your values look great!! Hmmm... something tells me you're extending your life rather than the other way around. Keep up the good work.