Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Resistant Starch Experiment - LOL!

or, cry out loud.  Whatever.

I have been following the RS debate for awhile now, carefully trying to avoid some of the prominent "C-word" websites all along.  But, you see, I already invented it.  I am lower carb, not VLC, and not keto much of the time unless I forget to eat or skip a meal.  This is more and more common for me to skip breakfast, but to also eat similar foods with more carbs than for keto.

And I think last season I grew around 100 pounds of Jerusalem artichokes.  (nuf said?)

This year, due to hoards of rabbits burrowing under the chokes and eating a great majority, I toyed with the idea of eating more potatoes instead of relying on my now-shorter choke season.  In addition, all the chokes that weren't eaten either by myself or the rabbits started sprouting early, making them not as fit for eating.  The little wascally wabbits even stole the tubers out of my basket that I leave right outside the kitchen.  (I wasn't bringing them inside due to all the pill bugs.)

So it didn't seem all that weird for me to buy a few potatoes and try them out.  As I was preparing them for my family, I had a bit of raw potato.  Resistant starch, right?  How hard could it be?

A couple of hours later, I didn't feel so well.  I was burping something, my arthritic knee started hurting, my other knee started hurting.  In fact, everything in my body that had sustained an injury in the last several months started hurting.  Then a huge headache, weird cramps, then chills, then I couldn't walk without bumping into stuff.  I decided I was done with that and went to bed.  I couldn't take an aspirin or anything because I thought I would throw up.  I slept sitting up, and woke up several times to drink more water and to try to mentally calm my racing heartbeat.

I woke up in the morning still very groggy and miserable, and whined to my family, "I feel like I am dying.  I don't want this to be my life from now on."  It felt like my whole body was liquifying, like I had been visited by Harvey Keitel and had been "cleaned".

I went back to bed, but forced myself up after awhile, and forced myself out of the house.  By afternoon I was fine.  There were confounding factors.  Had I been glutened?

You know, I am really done with potatoes for awhile.  I don't care if there are confounding factors.  I'm too chicken-s to go through liquification again.


  1. wow, indeed! potato-poisoning!

  2. I guess the take-home point is that if you have loose junctions, don't eat stupid stuff that pours in and creates chaos.

  3. Isn't raw potato toxic in general?

  4. some people juice them, but I think it is not very common. It could be that the potato I ate was not stored properly. The juice tasted fairly bitter. I don't think I had the symptoms of potato poisoning, tho. I should have thrown up or something. This felt more like a classic autoimmune flare, except for the tachycardia.