Friday, October 28, 2011

Giving 'em the Finger

I am attending several Halloween parties this year and need to bring along some finger food.  Last year, a friend introduced me to "witches fingers" and they were pretty gross.  Perfect!  Here's some photo's.

I prefer my recipe, and this is what I'll be taking to the parties.  I think they're the hands-down winner.  To make them, you'll need a small bag of baby carrots, a small bag of slivered almonds, a small container of almond butter and some finely grated nutmeg.

Wash and dry the carrots.  Dig out a shallow nail bed on the narrow end of the baby carrot.  I do this with a melon baller, the small side.  Works like a charm!!!  Use a paring knife to lightly score the carrots width-wise, for wrinkles.  Fill the nail bed with a dab of almond butter.  Don't use too much.  Press a large slivered almond piece onto the nail bed.  Dust the finger with grated nutmeg and rub into the wrinkles.  Adding more nutmeg or even cinnamon will make the fingers look even more freshly-dug.

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