Monday, October 31, 2011

I, Cavewoman??

Longer nights, more balanced hormones, cooler temps.  They all mean better sleep, longer dreams.

So, in the latest dream there is going to be a bit of equality.  They are going to do a reality show with 4 women.  I think it is going to be something like I, Caveman, but we aren't really sure.  Two women are friends IRL, and the other is Daphne Oz.

Daphne shows up late, and so far it is just general chit-chat with the others while she checks her iphone.  She isn't wanting to join in all the fun with the rest of us, just yet at least.

We think the producers are going to make us redesign a kitchen as our first project, which starts early the next morning.  Daphne is off to the side with her handlers.  I wonder why they didn't pick Denise Minger instead.

We start the project by camping out on a tarp at the TV studio headquarters parking lot.  We have sleeping bags but it is still too cold and there is not enough room.  I can tell we are probably going to all be really annoyed with each other by the time this is over.  I'll be deemed too old, and Daphne will insist on vegetarian food.

This sleepover reminds me, I'll have more to say about Dr. Oz later in the week.  Well most people reading this here blog probably know what THAT's about.

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