Friday, February 24, 2012

Hey Paleo Guy, do you think we are stupid?

Usually I like that paleo guy, but seriously, after this latest post, I think I might have to break up with him.

I haven't gotten around to writing all the planned posts of what bugs me about paleo, but this great example just dropped into my in-box today.  (I know I know, this is the international-paleo-low-carb-and-Jack-Kruse-bashing-campaign week and I still haven't read all of the posts.)

His post is another version of:

"If you don't get the "right" results, "Buttercup", then you're an idiot.  You are either doing it wrong, or lying on your food logs."

Hey Mr. Paleo Guy, here's the thing.  Some day, if you have been really good, or really evolved, you will die and come back as a woman.  If you have been really good, you as a woman will live long enough to become an old woman.  Once you are there, you will regret making bone-headed comments about "the vogue hormone of the week" in your past life.  You see, Mr. Paleo Guy, you are not a member of the vogue-hormone-of-the-week club for a reason, because you don't have complicated hormones.  And you cannot be my paleo guy if you do not respect my hormones.

I don't know how the Jack Kruse culties got dragged into TPG's discussion.  If he had read even just a little bit into the MDA monster thread, he would see immediately that the Kruse followers are not like that paleo guy's over-exerciser who was "doing it wrong".  The Kruse-culties usually aren't exercising all that much.  They have all those made-up diseases like adrenal fatigue and gut dysbiosis and safe-starch deficit disorder that keep them from all the chronic cardio.  Kruse's cold-therapy is for the folks who have tried his 8-week leptin reset and still haven't lost all the weight they want to lose.  Typically, these resetters had already been on primal/paleo for a period of time before going on the reset, and they have been unsuccessful on straight paleo.

Seriously, we don't need your thumbscrews.  We need you to respect the fact that the paleo plan does not work in the same way for all people.  Dr. Kruse is not a stupid man.  He was a fat-ass, and now he's not.  If people have a problem with his theories, they should go after them, not after his personality or his followers.

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