Thursday, February 9, 2012

Registered Dietitians just Jumped the Shark

It is quite a day when the nutritional fascists RD's manage to do something so completely and utterly foolish, senseless and just plain mean.  RD's have gone far beyond (and in my impression, irreversibly beyond) relevance with their attacks.

(Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor.  Never in a gergillion years would I ever be a registered dietitian!)

If you haven't heard about it already, the current fascist regime is going after Steve Cooksey.  So it looks like once again, politics, ego and job security trump health, in this battle for who gets to talk to diabetics.

New readers to this here blog probably didn't read some of my first posts, outlining how I was chastised and nearly banished from [redacted] for outlining the common progression for that disease we call diabetes.  It seemed that just pointing out the conventional wisdom was enough to get their panties in a knot.

Here's some conventional wisdom (Please note, this is not MY wisdom, this is CW!):  When you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, your certified diabetes educator will put you on a new diet full of lean protein, low fat, fruits and vegetables and healthysatiatingwholegrains.  (If you are a man, this may work to reduce your weight and what they call "risk factors".  If you are a woman, it doesn't seem to work as well, especially if you choose a vegetarian plan.)

Eventually, this diet approach won't continue to work.  Despite a trying to follow a "prudent" diet, your blood sugars and HbA1c will continue to go up.  Your doctor may start prescribing drugs and eventually insulin.  The years of high blood sugar will finally accumulate, and you may find yourself without your eyesight or your feet.  You will probably die of heart or kidney failure, or maybe a skin infection.

Steve Cooksey is a diabetic.  He is not a doctor or a registered nutritional fascist.  He's just a guy who found success following a lifestyle that the fascists find dangerous.  You can visit his website to see how he has done with his alternate lifestyle.


  1. The conventional wisdom peddled in this country is what's criminal. My husband's doctor told him diabetes is a progressive disease and more complications is inevitable. I say BS on that. Sure there a many diabetics who just can't give up their carbs, but not giving alternative lifestyle options like Cooksey's to those that want a better way is deplorable. The American Diatetics Special Corporate Interests Association is trying to grab more and more power all over states across the nation to be sole dictator of what everyone should eat:

  2. We need to have an approach that is smarter than theirs. That means not giving them an in, such as Steve's unfortunate vulnerability. Knowing the laws and underlying science can go a long way if we put them together. Finding common ground in the blogosphere, linking resources, and using methods that cannot be disregarded may help us move forward.

  3. Johannah, your husband's doctor learned his stuff well. This is the currently accepted CW. Funny thing is, I was censured on [redacted] for merely repeating the same statements. So it is not whether what you are saying is correct or incorrect, accepted or not accepted, it is whether the dietitians feel threatened by it.