Thursday, June 28, 2012

"One must be [mis]reading Research"

Our researchey, geekie fascist "friend" over at [redacted]people always likes to say that "one must be reading research" as it rolls off her keypad frequently, probably more frequently than the times she actually does read the research, based on, you-know, the "academy" talking points statements she makes.

Actually, does anyone really know what time it is, does anybody really read the research anymore?  It seems  to me that Marion Nestle doesn't.  When asked to comment on a recent nutritional study showing than when following different types of diets, a calorie isn't really a calorie, she pretty much says, "hey, just eat less."  The thing is, the research study being actually studied was about macronutrient ratios, not weight loss.  Oh who knows, maybe her quote was taken out of context by the author of the news piece.  But, along with her comment about the research, she is basically telling folks not to read the research or even pay attention to it.  So, it is really something more like, "read the research as long as it agrees with me and if it doesn't, then it is not applicable and you should just do what I say!"

Here's the actual research paper:
And, here's the widely-linked, incorrect (except politically), and misleading popular article about it, including "Dr." Nestle's most amazing recap comment:

I just gonna have a whole lot to say about this study, once I read all of it carefully.  Careful readers will note that I labeled this post "good studies".  So far I like it, but just for what it is, not for what it is not and certainly not for what the popular press and the greater paleo community are saying about it.  I reserve the right to change the label once I rip the paper to shreds.

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  1. i cheerfully confess to letting you smart kids read the paper, and then tell me about it. [sheepish grin] i don't have the technical education to filter through a lot of it, and some people i've grown to trust. MN often doesn't pass the smell test!