Sunday, June 10, 2012

Refuse to be Fooducated!

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I just received a stack of dietitian mags, and they alternately raise my cortisol levels and give me plenty of humorous fodder for future blog posts.

Here's a tidbit from Diane Weiland, who I despise probably just as much as she despises low-carb. Can't even use it in the title of her article on "high protein" diets in the Feb 2010 edition of Today's Dietitian.

"With unbalanced meal plans that sometimes restrict entire food groups, these fad diets often fail to meet humans’ essential needs for vitamins, minerals, and fiber, but they do usually lead to weight loss. "

"Several studies comparing high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets with high-carbohydrate, low-protein diets found high-protein diets to be just as effective and sometimes even more effective than their high-carbohydrate counterparts when it comes to weight loss.." Wow! Didn't read that anywhere from any of the other dietitians. So after using up the first paragraph of her article to trash the low carb diet, she finally has to admit that it works better?

Then she steals Dr. Eades book title and quotes stuff from the Nutrition and Metabolism Society without actually reading and/or quoting anything by Dr. Feinman, which is totally hard to do, but she somehow pulls it off anyway. Then there is most of the entire page later on, where she warns us that we'll get too much fat in our diet, have evil red meat, blah blah blah and our kidneys will fall out. Hmmmm. Read the fine print. Right. Underneath the "What to Keep an Eye On", she implicates the poor dear kidneys, but then says that there is "little clinical evidence supporting this claim." And if she had just spent even another minute over at the Nutrition and Metabolism society, she probably would have found the link to the clinical study showing that a ketogenic diet is actually better for people with kidney problems.

I think these people are liars, scoundrels and crooks. Ketogenic diets are not necessarily high protein diets, but the "fooducators" keep conflating the same issues, and this the same argument they pull out over and over and over again, despite being corrected over and over and over again. Most low carb diets aren't very much higher in protein, they are just higher in fat and. they. just. can't. get. themselves. to. understand. or. admit. that. fact.


  1. amazing, isn't it, that what seems so blatantly obvious to some of us ISN'T shining like a beacon to everyone else....

  2. And by "these people" that are liars, scoundrels and crooks--you mean Sparkpeople, right? Because I am firmly convinced that Spark is all of the above! Or did you mean Spark AND this Diane woman who knows not of what she speaks.

    But food choices border on religion, and those who are brainwashed by dogma will never willingly learn anything else. Only those who are willing to question blind faith and conventional wisdom will be able to learn anything about truth on a personal level.

    N=1, people.

    Big Daddy T

  3. It doesn't matter where this person works. They are all borg. You can only go for so long spouting about how other people need to be reading research and not yourself reading any research that disagrees with the position of your certified cartel without at least looking like a scoundrel.