Friday, June 29, 2012

Repeat After Me: An editorial is an Opinion

What can I say?  Hey, FreetheDick isn't the only media whore.  I want readership, too, and was just so bummed when I realized that Dr. Bray did just another "brayscapade" on JAMA without reading and heeding my earlier posts.  OK, maybe I can cut him a break, maybe he just forgot that I told everyone that he shouldn't be abusing his position as editor of a prestigious medical journal by undercutting researchers armed with data that isn't in concert with his position.  Perhaps if he had cut the carbs a bit more, he wouldn't have so much memory loss.

It has become just such a joke, when these crazy, rigid obesity researchers are presented with paper after paper after paper that shows that a low carb diet isn't all that bad, hey, maybe even better, and so try to spin it back their favorite way by using their editorial privilege instead of providing any new data or anything relevant.

Here is the accompanying editorial:
It's Bray's way of saying, "Blah blah blah, obesity sure is big and bad, .... hey, shove it, Ebbeling. I am still right despite your fancy new data.  Blah blah blobbity blah the end, Oh!, it is STILL SO UNCLEAR,...Oh! its WAAAAAY too complicated........ but really in the end, it is still all about calories."

Dr. Ebbeling et al, I hope all this isn't raising your cortisol levels too high.  After all, reading this Bray stuff is like, going to make you gain weight or have a heart attack or something.  This is even after you bothered to use the controversial doubly labeled water.

[Sorry, but I had to add that part about doubly labeled water.  Ever since Peter Hyperlipid gushed about the miraculous water I have been wanting to include it in a post to increase my readership.]


  1. "an editorial is an opinion." ;-)

    you told Bray off? that's my girl!!!

  2. oh, of course, then again, it was only my opinion!

  3. Perhaps if he had cut the carbs a bit more, he wouldn't have so much memory loss.

    LOL! I always thought that if Dr. Harvard and the other paleo "luminaries" cut down on those healthy paleo safe starches like potato and bananas they'd have more stable blood sugar and would be less emotional / more capable of rational debate.

  4. I think some of them will come around once they hit the other side of 40. Probably lots of crow-eating in the later years, if they can turn about publicly.

  5. ..reminds me I need to do a post about bashing fat old ladies on buses (or PH)....sigh....