Friday, July 6, 2012

Dirty Eating

Two topics caught my eye recently.  First, I saw a copy of Clean Eating at the bookstore, and wondered why so many seem to be obsessed with cleanliness.  This is the season of clean food, detoxing, cleanses, and eating lots of lemons.

In contrast, I listened to Joel Salatin on Patrick Timpone's One Radio network.  I got a kick out of the way Dr. Joel described cows.  Portable sauerkraut-making machines?  Priceless!

I am a sauerkraut-making machine, too, but I no longer make it in my intestines.  I make sauerkraut on my kitchen counter, right where it belongs.  When it gets good and tasty, I serve up a dab of it on practically everything, and this week it has been exceptionally good with thinly-sliced tri-tip.

There isn't any disinfecting wipe action going on in my kitchen, but yes, I do wash the dishes and wipe stuff down.  The kale leaves are stacked in old yogurt containers like a bouquet of flowers.  The pickles are fermenting nicely, and I can have a slice or two once I wash off the slime.  I try to keep the companion animals off the counters.

Recently while watering the garden, I saw some ripe fruits, and so I gathered them and ate them in-situ, before washing.  A strawberry, a yellow tomato, a red hot pepper, a few holy basil leaves, some mint, a leaf of black kale.  Lunch.


  1. yeah, there's something "psychological" going on with all the cleansing.... i DO wash the dishes well after the dog licks them, though!

  2. Maybe it is just 2012 earth changes!!!

  3. My grandmother always said one has to eat a peck of dirt in one's lifetime -

  4. Hey there! How have you been? I think with the garden grazing, I am getting more than the RDA for sure.