Saturday, July 28, 2012

What's in YOUR shopping cart??

Every time I go to the local "healthy" farm-like store, I run into some other healthy person I know.  Today I ran into my doctor.  At least I think it was him, as he was in a rush.  Since he was not wearing a white coat, I wasn't quite sure until I caught another glimpse of him at the checkout container.

Just as well that I didn't say hi.  He was in the fruit aisle, snapping up the stone fruits on the 5-a-day plan.  I, on the other hand, was armed with a package of bacon and a bag of salt-infested cashews.  Never mind the yard full of healthy organic vegetables, berries and paleo-approved tubers, I would have been busted fer sure.

I have this sort of love-hate relationship with my doctor.  I love that he is smart, but I hate that he knows all the wrong things really really well.  The next time I will probably visit him, it will be past my 2-year anniversary of going lower carb.  At the two-year point, of course, my "good" diet that helped me lose weight, keep from gaining, improved all lipid, blood sugar and inflammation values will become "bad" and send me down the certain path to heart disease.

That's right.

"If it is working to lose weight, that is fine, but after awhile, if you stay on that diet you will be at a higher risk for heart disease."

I am wondering, will I gradually slide down into metabolic disrepair and lipid-nonoptimality or will it be a like a step function?  Or, will I be humming along perfectly one day, and rushing to the hospital clutching my heart on day 731?  Well, whatever happens, I'll report it here, if I am still alive.  I am betting that I will be fine.


  1. Whatever happened to 80 somethings passing on peacefully in thier sleep in thier own beds after a day tinkering in the garden and taking care of "Fluffy"? Chronic disease and early death have become so accepted. This shift sure hasnt been the fault of low carbing, but its the highcarb/lowfat bearing its terrible fruits. ----- "I hate that he knows all the wrong things really really well" very well put!

  2. know, i've been forming a hypothesis.... they go through med school trying to learn too much in too short a time, then when they're residents they are INTENTIONALLY overworked. does this not sound to you all like the perfect way to brainwash people??? their delusions of omniscience begin here, don't they?

  3. It's been said that doctors look at parts, and engineers and other technical types look at systems. Yes, from the system POV, it's unlikely we evolved with just one part that gets damaged on a diet that helps everything else.

  4. I always felt that if people can't do a good systems simulation, they aren't qualified to think about much of anything. Unless of course if they play chess well.