Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This Just In - For your Emmy Consideration

Interrupting my regularly scheduled episode where I put myself and a certain statistical study together in the ring and see what kind of entertainment we can deliver. 

Y'all know all about the knitting group, but what you might not know is that there is this table of free stuff right outside the classroom, and I take advantage of it freely.  It has all sorts of stuff, not just stacks of Diabetes Educator magazines and other offerings from the "Academy", but great fluffy stuff I can take with me into the cold tub and not worry if I dunk it a couple of times.

Yesterday was a score:  an actual timely copy of Oprah, Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple magazines, all admonishing me to take advantage of seasonal produce, lower my fat and declutter my life.  'Course, that isn't working when I just clutter up my life again with free magazines.  Interspersed with articles telling me to get rid of the junk are ads for closet organizing "systems", featuring women who are much younger and thinner than I, and seem to have a whole lot more clothes, including an entire row of beige jackets.  And I am thinking that despite the air-brushing and great make-up, do they work for some insurance company or airport car rental kiosk to have all that beige?  I am happy to report that my closet indicates that I have never worked for said companies.

One great find was a recent issue of Southern Living, all about barbeque.  This I could get into, even though the back of the issue was littered with 30 kinds of "icebox" cream pie.

Anyway, I am off track again, just can't resist another helping of irony, I guess.  The REAL reason for this post is that it looks like a member of the Academy took Martha's advice and started decluttering.  The REAL Academy, not the fake dietary Academy.  Well, not actually the Academy, but close enough.  People not from around here probably don't know this, but around awards time, members of the Academy or other trade associations get mountains of mail, chocked full of CD's of movies, TV shows and other promotional material.  I know all about this because the guy who lived in my house before me was a member of the REAL Academy and didn't get around to changing his address, and I got a whole lot of free movies that year, all with warnings not to share with others.  This year, some industry member just decided to unload his junk mail on to the free table.

I picked up the copy of "The Weight of the Nation" mostly because I am a packaging junkie and I love to see how these promo items are put together.  I wasn't disappointed.  Right under the picture of the United States cracking into a million pieces under all that weight was written in a tasteful font, of course, "FOR YOUR EMMY CONSIDERATION".  I already watched part of the series until I got bored.  Anyone else think it was kind of like those biblical prophecy videos, which pictures of the world cracking or being blown up into a million pieces along with ominous music and snippets of some spiritual light-related thing like a stained-glass window or stonehenge?  BTDT, sooooo derivative.  This series that an industry insider was supposed to consider was contained in three CD's in a nice sturdy holder I might use for my other CD's.  I might recycle the CD's also. (I certainly won't actually WATCH them again, who wants to sit through a half hour of material crammed into a 4-part series?)  I really need a larger spindle to spin some bulky yarn Navajo-style.  The extra weight of all 3 CD's will give me the extra weight I need for this project.  So for THAT, I would like to thank the Academy.

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