Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Am I in the Binder?

I haven't blogged for a time here because I am busy with other projects.

The bagrada bug is on my mind recently, and whether it is OK to put fertilizer with ground-up cottonseed into an organic garden.

If agriculture isn't the reason for our demise, well, then maybe complicated agriculture policy is.  I still will probably vote for prop 37, to label foods with GMO's.  It is interesting to see the list of donors against the prop.  Bumble bee tuna?  Isn't that just tuna?  Um, tuna with all that wonderful natural vegetable broth made with GMO-soy?  Mars also donated to stop the plan, which is really fascinating since they bought an organic seed and food company, which nobody buys from anymore cause they got so expensive and they are really a candy-bar company.

I acquired a button (perfect for the farmer's market basket, no?) shouting, "GMO-free hottie".  Not sure on either fronts, but I think I do know the reason for a 5-dollar head of organic broccoli and it is not due to all that fancy and expensive labeling.

It's this bug.  Apparently, fresh broccoli is like msg-laden trans-fatty gliadin-laced red-hot Cheetos food-reward-wise to these visiting critters.

Seaweed.  Yes, seaweed is in our future because the bagrada bug hasn't figured out how to eat it yet.  Those epi-paleo folks will be missing their cilantro this winter, too.   Lovin' me's sea-spinach!!

Anyway, I haven't had any time either to search for my name in any of the binders full of women that the paleosphere keeps handy just in case anyone actually wants to hear anything pertaining to women that doesn't involve reproductive status.  I am sure it is there, just that it is easier to search amongst their own kind and continue to have all the boys speak for us, while they trot out Joel Salatin like they invented him or something.


  1. Dump the fertilizer onto your lawn, put the grass cutting and sea weed on your garden and grow your own broccoli. The issue with organic broccoli is bugs so I need to grow it in fine with cages, screen cages, to keep the moths away, or use bug power.
    Broccoli with added protein would be easy to produce, and relative economical, but so many people just reject it.

  2. So nice to see you blogging again, I have missed you!
    Wish I had anything worth while to share, but my mind goes to politics and then I get sick to my stomach and want to barf. The cost of organic is to much to waste on any of them with a good heave...I apologize for my crued words and visual cruelty.

  3. Hi Fred! Guess the bagruda bug hasn't visited you yet. The problem isn't that it is buggy, just that the bugs completely suck the life out of the cole crops and currently, the organic methods don't work.
    But then again, the experts have been very wrong so far about them (including when they arrived and how devastating they can be-they don't just damage small plants let me tell you...) and I know for sure they their numbers are reduced in colder weather.

  4. Hi Erin, I miss you too, but I know you have a good excuse. No problem on the visuals. I have pets, and also spend a fair amount of time with compost!!