Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Tuna Boat just Sailed In!

What a nice half-way-around-the-year reminder of my "Paleo on 100 dollars a month" challenge.

A friend called and mentioned that her friend's son went out fishing near San Diego and caught this huge tuna.  She was offered some, but was unprepared for two details.

First, she was given a ton of it.

Second, she found she doesn't like tuna.

Did I want to take it off her hands?  Sooooooo, here I am, after an unsuccessful market run looking for suitable epi-paleo eats on a budget, and an entire platter of freshly-caught tuna just drops into my lap, right before dinner.  Already perfectly seasoned.  She told me to keep the platter, too.

Since it was already seasoned in a rich blend of garlic, lime and some kind of Middle-Eastern seasoning blend, I decided not to eat it raw.  I didn't have to do anything except plop the huge slabs of tuna in a pan and lightly steam it until it was cooked enough to flake.

Mmmmm!  Tuna for dinner.  Tuna for breakfast.  Tuna all week.  Tuna coming out of my ears.  Tuna making me friends with all the neighborhood dogs and cats.  Tuna making me happy, too.


  1. I like almost all fish. But the only time I had real (not canned) tuna, it was frozen & I did not like it at all. I should buy a small portion of fresh tuna to taste it & find out if I do like it.

    You mention that you decided to not eat it raw. Do you eat raw fish on a regular basis? That is something else I have never tried yet. Would like to learn how to make fish tartare.

    I saw that Aglaée made sushis using "cauliflower rice" as a substitute for rice. I think I would just dispense with the rice substitute, personally. I love all kinds of foods wrapped in nori.

    What a lovely gift you received! Good for you!

  2. I had intended to eat some of it raw, but wasn't sure about the marinade. Later I thought about it, and I wasn't too sure about the filleting process either. It was a hack job (but then again, great quality for the price!)

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