Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The ocean temps this time of year are still warm, but that didn't stop me from trying to get my cold on at the Crystal Cove and other Orange County beaches.
I hadn't really been a fan of the OC before, since I associate it with Irvine traffic jams, but the coast is still quite pretty.
At first I didn't want to get in the water near the rock outcroppings, but soon realized that the waves are calmer there.  I could just sit in the water and not get washed away.
There weren't many swimmers, just me and the kids and some surfers with wet suits.  The water wasn't as cold as I can get from the tap, but it was still fun.
We also visited Laguna Beach, so if you are the type that saves the live feed from the Laguna Beach cam, you can see me out there swimming.  I wore my bright orange swim cap, and some beach bum rode by and commented that it was the best hat on the whole beach.  I looked sort of like a water polo player minus the ear things.

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