Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm such a loser

The first time this happened, I thought it was an outlier, and like every good researcher, I threw it out.

(Nawwwww!  Just kidding.  Regular readers know I don't throw up out any data points because they don't agree with preconceived notions.)

I was on the phone with sis the other day, talking about Thanksgiving.

"I lost a pound over the weekend, " I crowed.

"I gained your pound and then some.  Guess I'll have to exercise more this week," she lamented.  "It was all the stuffing....."

And, this is from the skinny one, the one they tried to bulk up all those years.  The one exercising alot and eating a low fat diet because her doc wants her to lower her cholesterol.  At around 220 total, she is teetering on the edge of severe heart disease or stroke.  Or so he sez.

This happened at the last holiday we shared.  I lost a couple of pounds.  She gained four.

Oh, I ate the stuffing alright.  And a sliver of pie.  And some potatoes.  Then I got busy with the dishes and pouring more wine and forgot to have seconds.

"I'm stuffed!" the guests declared as they pushed themselves from the table.  And I thought to myself,

"Hey, I am not stuffed."

And the next day we went back to a regular fatty breakfast, turkey salad over a bed of greens for lunch, seafood for dinner.

Now here is what else I learned.  Corn chips give me zits and make me achy, especially my big toes.  And it isn't about the salt, because the next day I can eat a dozen green olives and have no problem with my joints.  Pumpkin pie made from my own real home-grown pumpkins is better than when it is made with pumpkin pie filling from a can.  And if you bury a turkey carcass in the garden, the gophers stay away.

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