Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Now exactly, where does Health Start?

After my letter to Whole Foods the other day (and oh, they never wrote back....) I got ahold of an interesting flyer from Whole Foods.  It's called the whole deal.  Just so you know, this whole deal thing is trademarked, just like their vegan propaganda health program they call Health Starts Here.

Then again, it is pretty difficult to tell exactly where health starts from the flyer.  There is a chicken on the front cover, and hints of more animal things to come, with a container of chicken broth right next to the chicken and a stream of text at the bottom announcing that chicken is on sale too.

I open the flyer, and on the inside cover is a plate o' shrimp.  And so I am thinking, OK, plate o' shrimp, guess they are in on the joke, but then there were lots of animaly things in the flyer, including goat cheese in nearly about every recipe, except of course the recipes with the health starts here logo near them, cause they are vegan.

It didn't seem like health really started until about page 12, where the grainy foods and the tea were featured and the foods featuring flesh or animal secretions fell away.  This was several pages after the coupon for the artercloggingsaturatedfat coconut oil that they call "health supportive".

So what is up with that?  Does health really start here, after all the ads supposedly sponsored by all those evil meat, milk companies, and other profitable conglomerates Dr. MacDougall has declared war against?  Does health start with plain vegan and then settles into just plain coconut oil right out of the jar after a few months?

Maybe Whole Foods isn't as hostile a place as it was over a year ago, the last time I visited.  Maybe I'll give them another chance if I need some tea.


  1. i think you may be misinterpreting the "health" he's talking about -- i suspect it's the health of his finances that's at the root of all the attempts to cajole you to shop there. ;-)

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