Friday, December 21, 2012

Everything I learned about epi-paleo I taught to my Cat

I'll admit, I didn't think it was the year of the cat at the Brash household.  I spent so much time nursing one cat to her eventual death that I didn't realize how bad the other cat was doing until the sickest one went off to the sweet hereafter in April.

It was then that we realized how old and thin and sick our last kitty was.  He was losing the use of all four legs, just like our other cat.  He didn't run around anymore, and his coat was getting pretty shabby.  I thought he probably had some kidney disease as well.

Around this time, we started eating the epi-paleo diet in earnest.  That means lots of seafood.  Our vet had told us to put the other cat on a lower protein diet because of the kidney problems, but then I got to thinking about what that diet would be for a cat, specifically.  Neither liked the low protein food our vet carried, so I started giving both of them bits of cream and butter, especially the frail cat who had trouble keeping any other kind of food down.

Now with all the seafood around here, there is lots of salmon skin, shrimp cooking water, sardine cans and other seafoody goodness.  I have quit cooking meats in any kind of spices and seasonings so he'll eat the leftovers.  He is especially fond of lamb fat and salmon skin cooked in coconut oil.  He also has a seaweed fetish and goes nuts over chlorella so much that I have to keep it on a high shelf.  I give him as much as he wants.

He always has a cat-smile on his face after a meal of salmon.  Since we have salmon 4-5 meals a week, this means he is quite happy most of the time.  I noticed an immediate improvement in his fur and energy level.  He's still not all that good at grooming anymore, and so has trouble with his claws, but he has started to run around again, and howl at the imaginary beings in all the corners of the house.

Honestly, I didn't think he would be alive by Thanksgiving and he seems to just be getting better and better.


  1. i'm glad he's doing better! if anything is more criminal than the way we're "supposed to" feed our loved ones, it's the way we're expected to feed our animal family members....

  2. Next cats get real raw food, no more crapinabag.

  3. my Spenser gets a grain-free dogfood at least -- i looked into raw-feeding, but decided i was the only one who'd be willing to go to the trouble, and i have to leave him with my husband, daughter and dogsitters SOMEtimes....

  4. @tess, I agree completely with your comment:

    "if anything is more criminal than the way we're "supposed to" feed our loved ones, it's the way we're expected to feed our animal family members."

    I want to let you know that these days it can be very easy to feed a dog a raw diet. They now have freeze-dried grain-free all-raw foods that are already made up - no grinding or other labor intensive prep required. Your husband can definitely handle it. We get ours from petfooddirect(dot)com . Very low prices and fast shipping makes it very easy.

  5. He's still around, and doing much much better than before. We're hoping for the next holiday to come around, St. Patty's.

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