Monday, December 10, 2012

More Winter recipes - Hatch Bombs

This time of the year brings a bit less "garden variety" than in the summer months, but I still have plenty of peppers, both hot and medium.  I don't fertilize in the later months because you never know when a deep frost will take anything out.  So, the peppers are smallish, but a few hot days will create a still really hot pepper even in December.  I have plenty of New Mexico, or Hatch, peppers, in varying stages of ripeness, so there is a seasonally-appropriate mix of red and green.

Hatch Bombs

Take several Hatch peppers (or Jalapeno if you can't get the good stuff)
cream cheese
green olives
bird peppers for garnish

Cut the hatch peppers lengthwise and scoop out the seeds.
Fill the peppers with cream cheese
Top with a slice of green olive (this is the only "doughnut" you will find in my home!)
If you are brave, replace the red pimento thingy from the olive with a ripe bird pepper.

Down the hatch!

I can eat dozens of these around the holiday time.

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