Monday, December 17, 2012

Improving on Edible Food-like substances

On a whim, I picked up a package of turkey bacon at a really great price.  Upon further inspection, I realized that the turkey meat was re-formed.  I checked the label and it was the regular pork label.  (Gee, hope there isn't any gluten!!!!)

I put a few slices into a frying pan, and a couple of minutes I realized that THIS JUST WON'T WORK and that the bacon was burning instead of frying.  I always thought people bought this stuff because they were keeping kosher, but now realize that most folks probably buy it because they think it has a "healthier" level of fats.  For this formed product, I think that meant no fat.

So, hey, I know how to rescue this sorry meal.  I went into the fridge, grabbed a tub of pork fat carefully saved from the last batch of ribs.  The bacon was OK, and at least it quit sticking to the pan.

This morning, I didn't horse around, and added the necessary pork fat right at the beginning.  This step made a perfect non-curling strip of bacon-like breakfast-like product.

I ate it anyway.

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