Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Paleo on $100 a month day One - Eight heads in a duffel

I had planned to fast my way through the first day of my challenge, since it was a travel day.  The day didn't go as planned.  After a wonderful Easter potluck, there was plenty of food left over, and the attendees were looking for something to do with it.

I also acquired a ham bone, since the rest of the hangers-onerz gang was vegetarian and they wanted to offload the meaty bits as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, I was so excited about sneaking an entire ham bone onto the train that I forgot some of the other side dishes, like a wonderful broccoli salad and an entire log of goat cheese.  How foolish is that?

We froze the ham bone the night before, and then I wrapped it up in two produce bags, then shoved it into a huge Doritoes bag (shiny side in to reflect the cold!), then another plastic bag and sitting in a large aluminum baking pan in case it leaked somehow, then wrapped in a variety of old linen towels with calendars printed on them, and then wrapped in a large sweatshirt, and placed in my duffel bag.

No way could I have gotten past the TSA or all the bomb-sniffing dogs at the airport, thank goodness the train is filled with all those crazy people wielding knives, golf clubs, out-sized backpacks and all that other behavior that made cross-country ham transport seem tame by comparison.  "Open up the mummy, Ma'am," I could hear those TSA-people commanding, as I begin to carefully unwind all the strips of linen...

Unfortunately, the train was very late, and I feared that the ham would heat up too much before I arrived.  My train was so late that when we saw we were heading to that secret destination, "BFD", I announced that it stood for Big Effing Delay.  But the ham was still fairly cold by the time I put it in my own fridge.

Here's what I ate today:

A breakfast of potluck leftovers from various trading partners:  Andrea, Barry, Chantal and Dean.  It was mostly turkey and sweet potatoes, and a bit of flat diet soda, a roll and butter.  I took some green tea along with me.  Lunch was ham.  Dinner was more ham, and all of a large piece of wheat-free cake from trading partner Erin.  I had planned to stretch the cake out for a few more days, but was pretty hungry.  I was pining for some vegetables, but I got home so late I could only muster up a batch of fresh lemonade with a bit of sugar from trader Felix.

Since I did not buy any more fertilizer this year, my gardening costs have gone lower, so I have $3.21 to spend on other food per day.  Since I did not spend any money on food, I have $3.21 in the jar.

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