Thursday, April 19, 2012

Everything I want to do is Illegal - War stories from the Cold Thermogenesis Front

Hello Loyal Reader!!!  Sorry I haven't posted lately, but I am still trying to recover from my back-to-back spring break events, and not finding the time for blogging.

I'll admit that I had been taking in a bit more me-time in the cold thermogenesis department this week.  I tried to cut down so that I could clean the guest bathroom before my guests arrived, but then we got a really great rainstorm and I felt compelled to spend at least a little part of it on the patio in my underwear.  It took me forever to warm up, but later on I felt GREAT!!  It rained some after my guests arrived, so I left them to unpack and fend for themselves, which is fine because they were tired from all the travel and didn't miss me at all.

The paleosphere has been annoying this week, with continued talk about how cold thermogenesis will kill me.  I get so annoyed when they do that.  What do they know?  I think they are full of it.  I don't think CT will hurt me that much, and nothing the bitchy, ego-laden, self-appointed CT-czars-who-talk-about-their-MCAT-scores say will sway me.  (OK, I guess I have been feeling a little guilty about neglecting my unscrubbed bathroom for a bit of the deep freeze.)

This morning (after a wonderful night of sleep due to CT-I think I started to pass out at about 8:30...) I was lying in bed thinking about topping off the soaking tub and going for a soak as soon as I finish my pastured bacon and eggs, coffee and turmeric.  I want to get out there before it gets too hot.

I do seem to be getting used to the cold.  Now I have to stay in the cold for a much longer time before I start to shiver.  But, alas!, warm weather has arrived and I am not sure I will be able to stay cold adapted as my patio gets to 100 degrees in the shade and the ocean temps get into the 70's.    I guess I will just have to keep it up, and maybe some extra ice, or maybe a freezer, so I can keep doing this all year around.  I started out with 10 minutes in the cold air, but yesterday I was out there for a half hour and I didn't really feel all that cold.  What's next, 40 minutes, an hour?  I have gone from doing the CT a few times a week to CT a few times a day.  I start with a round of outdoor activity, then continue with localized soaks, and then have a cold shower.

This week, I also tried exercise and portion control to try and shave off those last ten pounds, but I always find myself coming back to the CT, because it doesn't make me starve, trash my ligaments, or make my foot sore.  And, I don't have to wear sweaty, stinky running shoes, or hurt my bare feet on dog poop someone left on the sidewalk.

Now I know that Dr. Moderation et al are concerned about my ignorance, stupidity, my health, my gullibility, and whether I have been irretrievably snatched by the Kruse Kult.  They need not worry.  His webinar featuring information on "deep CT" costs $38 dollars.  That is like four days worth of ice, or several pounds of grass-fed beef, and I would rather get the beef.  More power to him, though.  It looks like he is charging doctor-rates.  I wonder how much more per hour he is pulling in compared to when some random person clicks on the Drs. Moderation's posts on Psychology Today.  We'll see if people will really pay more for the Ferrari than the Porsche.

(Oh, BTW, I found a really great blogpost this week.  I googled dihydrogen monoxide and found lots of stuff about CT.  Check this out, and be sure to click the link to the paper.  Mr. Stanton, I am afraid your blog will soon be banned.  Reading it is just too much fun.  And sorry, Dr. Salatin, I stole the title of your book.)

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