Sunday, April 1, 2012

Paleo on 1000 dollars a day

I guess I was just getting sick of the commerciality of paleo, with everyone seeming to hawk their gym, their website, their book, their individualized plan, etc. etc. etc.

I do believe it is fine for people to make a living, but what concerns me about this practice is that once someone comes out with a book, all they do is defend it.  They become so invested in doing it the way of their book, that they can't seem to look beyond anything anymore.

It is even more dicey for these folks to change their course.  If they don't change, they are just rigid, but if they do, some whiner complains that they are wishy-washy.  They really can't win until the nastiness subsides and people can really take a good view of things and have a civil discussion.

I haven't purchased a paleo book, or a DVD, an exclusive seminar or phone call, a closed chat room, or any touted supplements from India.  Maybe someday I'll buy a locker of grass-fed beef.  I probably don't need to say that I am not buying anything from Harvard either.


  1. hey, you can't quit now -- i only just followed the links to your site! :-)

    i certainly agree that the writers who used to do a great job have started down a shady road recently.... a few i still LOVE, like Hyperlipid and Gnolls. a few i read because they're sometimes very good, and i blow off the rest.

    btw, what part of the state are you in? i'm in the eastern big bad city (born in the western big bad city)....


  2. Oh, I am not going anywhere, I am just eating meat and veggies. Oh, and it's Mizz-ur'-ee! ;-)

  3. :-) the french spelled the original indian word for the place, in their own phonetic fashion. i understand that it was the irish immigrants who started pronouncing it "mizERuh"....

  4. Oh, I don't know who started it, but I am amazed at, uh, how many people from somewhere else have the compulsion to correct me. I can't be corrected. It is the only shibboleth I have.

  5. [chuckle] i sometimes volunteer at the Chatillon-deMenil House, where the site manager is an outstanding local historian, though he's not from around here. some dumb cluck tried to correct his pronunciation, and he explained the background of it, ever so gently. :-) some people are good at that, but i'm not -- i'm afraid i come across sounding too didactic.

  6. I haven't bought any books or webinars either and it bothered me a lot that a certain someone suddenly started hawking other paleo folks' 'ugraded' products on his site. (I'm not above admitting that I've found free downloads of books that cost a lot of $ to buy... Glad I didn't spend the money for the poor writing too. Living out in the sticks where I do getting books from the library is a PITA.)