Sunday, April 1, 2012

Paleo on $100 a month challenge - Post Paleo

The experiment was a success sort of.  I am sure the paleo purists would discount the whole experience because of the dearth of grass-fed beef, but hey, that is the reality for many and the reality for my location.  I thought that my strategy of switching to low-fat feed-lot meats paired with coconut oil and fattier seafood could work.  I think it did.  I did no testing, but I seem to be intact from the whole process.  I didn't take careful weight and tape measurements either, but I did lose some weight.  I m down 15 pounds from the combination of the leptin reset earlier this year and this $100 challenge.

What did I learn?  It can be done, but I had to do more scouting around for deals than I usually do.  I did learn more about which store run the best clearance items in my area, and I started to get luckier and luckier with it as time went on.  It was weird at the beginning, having to plot and plan so carefully.  Once I built up a food stash, I quit tracking so carefully because I was in no danger of having any type of deficiency.  At a few days in, I was up to around 90 grams protein a day, which I felt was sufficient and satisfying.  I also think my strategy of running towards a spoonful of cheap saturated fat instead of other food contributed to my success as a fat burner, contributed to my weight loss, but also contributed to the boredom.  I can't wait to get back to my expensive fancy cinnamon, my good coffee, butter, all the avocados and olives I want.

So, what is next?  Right now, I am pretty disappointed in "paleo" or anything else dubbed ancestral.  This weekend, the true colors really came out for some people in the paleosphere, despite recent pleas for better behavior by some luminaries.  I have been cleaning out my reading list considerably, and by the end, was somewhat surprised that I had cleared out many of the "luminaries".  There is just too much bad behavior, too much bitchiness, too many fine Harvard reputations to protect, too many books and DVD's to sell.  I am done with it.  I still have a few blogposts up my sleeve, but then I am done with Paleo.  And, I don't even really wish them all the best.  These people aren't nice, they aren't promoting anything worthwhile anymore.  We aren't one big happy family under one tent working towards the same end.  I think the whole thing needs to be reset and maybe someone can start over.

It will take me some time to unravel some projects.  I had been quite an advocate for ancestral health, especially on [redacted]people.  I'll work towards passing those endeavors off to some other interested people, but I am no longer in the business of redirecting friends to places of such nastiness.  I still have Jack Kruse's link on my blog, and that will continue.  Jack may be a stark raving lunatic, but at least he's not a bitch.  People like that paleo guy seem to believe that people like Jack lessen credibility for paleo, but I contend that the paleo movement has become rotten from the inside out, and people like that paleo guy need to really take a look and see if they are contributing to that rot or not.  (I am picking on him a bit more than he deserves, but it is just an example.  He has not made the worst of the comments lately by any means.)

I'll be adding more links to my front page, not necessarily because I agree or disagree with them, but because I think that if I went to dinner and had a discussion with them, I wouldn't leave with indigestion.


  1. I totally agree with you on paleo. I too have purged my RSS reader of most luminaries. Kruse is, I believe, wrong about most things and speaks with a level of conviction which is totally unwarranted, but his heart is in the right place and he is one of the few doctors I have come across who listens to fat people and wants to help them. I can't say the same about our Harvard-educated paleo luminaries.

  2. Hi there! I would agree with you about Dr. K being wrong about many things, but I don't have the knowledge to really debate it thoughtfully. I am not really interested in arguing all the ancestral details with people who fancy themselves as the goddesses of anthropology, but the thing is, Dr. K isn't asking for people to veer off the path very far. So far, it has been easy, and so far, what he recommends has worked for me. But I treat the stuff just like I treat Taubes'. They don't have to have a correct theory in order for a treatment to work. Anyone who insists on that is just an academic bore, and not really interested in helping people, just interesting in being right and inheriting the chair.

  3. I would hope that people thinking Dr. K is a total crackpot lunatic for injecting himself with MRSA, he's not recommending that! Personally, I take all of what he says with a grain of salt, wait for him to explain it fully, watch what others are doing, and then jump in if I see a potential upside without the downside. So far, there is an n=2 around here with only 100% positive things to say about CT.

  4. Lots of good points made here. There are definitely some nasty people whose blogs are just ego-inflation devices. If I find someone spiteful, hypocritical or arrogant, it just doesn't matter to me whether they are right or wrong, I'm just not going to listen. I sometimes read Evelyn just to see if she can shove her head even farther up her backside and she never disappoints!

  5. hi Diet Athiest! I don't mind a bit of ego if the other material is interesting. But some are here just to knock everything down. Oh, and if I hear one more time about how they must be taken seriously, and oh, they just can't read.....alot of the illusion of power derived from a continued misunderstanding. I don't understand all of Kruse either. They should just get over it or prove it wrong.

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