Thursday, April 26, 2012

Slouching back to Paleo - I thought of it first, and I was Right

OK, you heard it here first!!!!!, not from Robb Wolf.  Here's my prediction.  (This time, REALLY go back and read the Hancock links and see how much what he was saying mirrors what Robb Wolf says here.)

Now, the REAL reason we have to discover and re-discover stuff all over again is because the huge magnetic field created by Harvard-trained 'nana-eatin' PhD's who busy about with their cohorts, is resetting the hard-drives of the innovators, those folks who come up with all those crazy theories that the other folks in charge won't ever test.

Reminds me of our favorite [redacted]people coach, "One must be reading the research...."  All fine and dandy, but the real issue is not who has all the answers, but who gets to come up with all the questions.  Cause, people like that [redacted] coach keep saying that we need good studies.  Good studies are produced, but they still deny deny deny.  So what's up with that?  Certainly not science, there is something up there, other than science, which has always been more fascinating to me than actual science.

(Thanks to Dr. Feinman, the other, for the title I stole.  I know, you stole it too, but I am crediting you cause I just love yur blog and that other guy doesn't have a blog.)


  1. a "lol" and big smile elicited by the second paragraph.... ;-)

  2. hey, thanks! I always try to include a bit of physics to increase my credibility.

  3. ..just wanted to remind everyone else reading that even though there is physics here, I don't spend all day in a dark room reading slides (any more, lol)