Thursday, September 6, 2012

How I get into fat-burning mode

I promised to get back to y'all about what I have learned about getting into fat-burning mode.

First, just want to remind newer readers who haven't read all the history, I lost most of my weight on a lower carb diet, and did not get to the 20-30 carb gram level until much later in the process.  But eventually, even while on LC plans like Protein Power, I found I couldn't lose weight, maintain my weight or even contain cravings.

It wasn't really carb creep in my case.  Well it was sort of.  What it was was that I just couldn't quit eating, just like how I was before I started losing weight, only this time, I was eating protein and fat all day instead of grilled cheese sandwiches.

What was going on?  Well, I read that after a while, people on LC get used to it and are able to extract more glucose out of whatever very efficiently.  It was probably the case that I went out of fat-burning mode, stayed out, and didn't even realize it, because, "well, I'm on a low carb diet, aren't I?"

Just two or three carby meals in sequence would knock me out of whack for weeks or even months.  I tried to get back on the plan, but just couldn't.  Eventually I went on the VLC Rosedale plan, but after a couple days of hell, I realized how much different I felt.  How could I have been on a LC diet for most of the time and probably not be in ketosis all that time?

Diving into that state was very difficult, resulting in a night of anxiety and agitation.  No wonder I wanted to eat food to calm it down.  Eventually I knew what to expect, and so would white-knuckle my way back in.  Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night with dread, my heart beating.  Not too fun, but I already knew it was coming, so learned to handle it.

Last year I took advantage of Dr. Eades offer for free Metabosol.  While I didn't lose much weight for the week I used it, it did curb food cravings enough to get me back on track.  I eventually abandoned Metabosol to start the leptin reset.  I gave one free container to my sister, who was also having trouble with carb cravings.  The other container I guarded with my life, because at the time, Metabosol wasn't available.  I used it to get back into whack.  I had to only drink about two or three servings, and then I would enter this nice state where I was no longer hungry.  For some reason, taking Metabosol also made me relaxed and sleepy enough for a great night's sleep. (Something I never had whenever I tried Rosedale.)

Eventually I tried CT, and found that it worked much the same way.  I started CT'ing every time I ate a carby meal, kind of like the exercise recommendation recommended by Rosedale, only I didn't have to worry about over-exercising and  the accompanying exhaustion.  CT was just wonderful.  I would start hungry, but end up relaxed, pain-free and no longer hungry, and all that was topped off with the most wonderful night of sleep ever.

Now I use both the Metabosol and CT to get back on track, and find that while they both help all by themselves, if I am having a particularly tough time (like after a holiday!!!), I'll do both.

Another interesting thing that I have noticed about CT is that ever since I have been doing it, I never get cold when I restart a low carb diet.  I used to always get cold, and though not as bad as when I did calorie restriction diets in the past.

In the future, I'll do posts on several of my n=1 experiments with different diets.  It is not really a set of fair comparisons, because I confound everything with my life, the seasons, advancing age and my continual improvement.


  1. does the container say what's in the Metabosol? i'm curious....


    I found it here.

    I have found out a few things these last couple days of doing high fat, moderate protein and low carb...I feel I eat way to darn much.
    After a meal I have an energy zap and actually feel completely washed out.
    But I am chalking it up to doing what I have to do, to get burning fat. It has only been a couple of days.
    I am never cold, always hot. Sleep sucks as well.
    I started c/t again this morning. Hoping for some help from it.

  3. My container of Metabosol says a serving contains 1 mg riboflavin, 600 mcg biotin, 400 mcg chromium polynicotinate, 4515 mg of "proprietary blend of L-aspartic acid, garcinia fruit extract, L-carnitine and L-tartarate. It also has guar gum, natural flavor, maltodextrin, xanthin gum, stevia.
    It tastes pretty good, but I don't think all the gums agree with me after awhile. I wish they would do this in capsule form. It was also too sweet for me. Since I am mostly low carb, even the tiniest bit of sweetness seems overwhelming.

  4. Erin, I have found that CT works better for sleep in the afternoon or evening. And, I don't do anything too hardcore. Just tap water, sometimes with a bit of ice or ice water. I keep a few jugs of ice water in the fridge, 3 gallons I think. Specific instructions are on Dr. Kruse's site.
    I addition, since I don't have to hassle with running the tap to get the hot water, or struggling with my own warmth, I am much more likely to take a second cold shower in the evening. Nothing big, just to wash off the dust, but even for this short time, the cold shower is very relaxing.

  5. Hi,
    I'm developing a new guided self-experiment journal and would like to know more about your successes with n=1 experiments. Do you still actively perform self-experiments? I'm keen to know how you plan, record and analyse them.
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