Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Here's a Benefit - Eat Less Clean Moore

One of the nice things about being kicked off [redacted]people is that now I have time for my real life.  Instead of handing out goodies, I am handing out excess produce to casual friends in grocery store parking lots.  Yum.  A whole trunkful of eggplant and thyme seedlings has much more fiber than any of the virtual goodies.

I am also free from searching for un-banned peanut butter.  Yippie!  We do have some peanut butter left from the last trek to Costco.  But, I need to get back there now that, like some other independent countries, I have run out of butter.  I did get some non-organic Challenge butter on sale, but it is insipid.  I don't know what they feed those Costco cows, but their butter actually tastes like food instead of a stick of fat.  Costco is always out of peanut butter, and that is fine with me.

Anyway..........I think it is due to the re-introduction of progesterone in my beauty/wellness regime regimen.  (Been reading too many lipstick magazines????)  Since I have been using it for almost two weeks now, I have had fantastic sleep, have been completing all my daily action items, have reduced my appetite and changed my body composition.

Here's the weird thing.  Am I normal?  I few weeks ago, I discovered something really unusual.  I was out for the day and had a piece of fruit and some other carby stuff, and found that I was no longer hungry.  Hey, this was just like the experts say happens.  You eat, and then you aren't hungry anymore so then you don't eat any more.

Yesterday I cheated by having a pastry bite.  I like to call it arugala because it sounds so healthy, but we all know that those concoctions of wheat and fat, filled with a homeopathic amount of fruit and topped with chunky sugar does not contain any real arugala.  Yep, I ate it, and then had a burst of energy, so ran around for ten minutes or so, decluttering and clearing out a bunch of projects.  Lunch time came and went, and oh, did I forget to eat again?  Off to the store, and the distribution of the turnip-truck of veggies, and another free baby coffee.  Still not hungry.  I ate a handful of nuts around 4 pm.  Then, someone mentioned,

"What's for dinner?"  Dinner?  Oh yea, the reason I went shopping.  OK, I think I got some chicken.  Guess somebody should go into the kitchen and start making some.  OK, that would probably be me.  Maybe by the time it is done I'll be hungry.

It took me a long time to peel and chop all the tomatilloes, yellow tomatoes and long fresh cayenne peppers.  I also had the last zucchini of the season, and a fresh red onion.  I ate a bowl of chicken with the vegetables, and then a few extra pieces of chicken, but I was really too full for much else.   I don't think I even got 60 grams of protein for the day.

Oh, weight?  Hmmm, I think I am losing, hey, don't care.  I haven't been weighing myself because I am too busy getting up before dawn, organizing the yarn closet and then making a 4-alarm breakfast for anyone who is also up that that hour.

Oh, now on to Moore.  It's really about More magazine.  I got an old copy from friends, and read all about the right and wrong ways to do a detox.  Here's a sampling of More's clean detox, developed by a venerated RD, Keri Glassman.  Day one is a bunch of tofu, green tea, lemon, pear, kale, salmon, walnuts, lime, edamame, spinach salad with other veggies, olive oil, broccoli, turkey, raspberries.  If this sounds a bit like Perricone, that is what I thought too.  Notice the abundance of healthywholegrains.  Except for all the nasty soy, it looks pretty much like paleo/low carb, except for the third day, which introduces dairy and turns it into a primal-type/low carb thing.

Here's what Leslie Bonci, RD, says, "There's something to be said for limiting choices.   You're giving your body a chance to rest, and that's a good thing."  Of course, unless you are "resting" with a good paleo or LC diet and you are eliminating entire food groups, and then the coaches[redacted] seez its dangerous for you.

Thank goodness it is only for three days.  'Cause after that, the diet that makes you feel better and "more energetic" will kill you due to the loss of B vitamins in enriched healthywholegrainfoodgroups that you have eliminated entirely from your diet.  But no worry, the article says.  "This 1,000-calorie-a-day regimen is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, lean proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and fluids -"

I am impressed just with the fact that they call it a regimen and not a regime.  That is a pet peeve of mine.  A diet regime would be the ADA or the academy or whatever they call themselves these days.

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  1. yep, "regime" for regimen, "tenant" for tenet, its, it's, they're their there EEEEK!