Friday, January 6, 2012

Leptin Reset - Could it Be?

Six days on the leptin reset, and could it be that I am already leptin resistant?  Here are the signs, and my progress so far.

Weight loss:  Check

No cravings, especially for carbs:  Check.

No hunger:  Check.

Changes in sweating:  Check

Changes in body composition:  Check.  My husband says my clothes are falling off me.  This can only end well.

Wake up refreshed:  Check

Better sleep:  Check

Great mood:  Check

Better exercise recovery:  not sure, since I haven't exercised much yet.

This week, I'll start lifting heavy things and next week, I'll start the high intensity interval training.  I find that I sleep pretty well when I keep the light low.  Yesterday was my first night out since the start of the reset.  I put on my amber sunglasses before I went into a lit building.  People wondered if I was injured.

"No, I am resetting my leptin," and that really shut them up.  I also found out that people have trouble talking to blind people.  The conversations were normal when we went outside to better darkness and I took the glasses off.

I wear my sunglasses in the house at night, and relax before bed with a stack of real books and magazines, a 15-watt light and a baseball cap cocked to the side to shield the lamp.

Here's the link to the details.


  1. Glad to hear it's working! I've always wanted to try Kruse's recommendations but I find them impossible to incorporate into my lifestyle (i.e., no time for a big protein breakfast, work-mandated long nights or all-nighters spent looking at the computer monitor, insufficient sleep etc.).

  2. Hey, Sidereal, the breakfast is the easiest. I make most of it ahead of time now. Sorry I have no solution to the crazy hours and overwork.

  3. Brash, this is really inspiring. Please keep posting, in as much detail as you can manage.

    I'm very grateful for your accounts of this approach.

  4. Hi unknown! My food log is viewable. Click on the link to the main page and you'll see a "shared food and exercise logs" button. I track my exercise elsewhere.