Saturday, March 31, 2012

Paleo on $98 a month - last days (now where are the macadamias?)

The week ended with a bang.  I finally saved up enough cash for something really special.  I got a beef tongue.  Before this last day, things were just a bit boring while I finished up the last bit of everything.
I made bean soup this week, with a ham bone and corn on the cob from trader Ingrid.  Ham bones are pretty easy to get, the trick is to let your friends know over the holidays and have some room in the freezer.
My oranges are almost done, but the lemons are still arriving from various traders, and a new batch of the most delicious kumquats from trader Jerry.  They are so sweet that I think I am cheating when I eat them.
I harvested the last of my carrots for the season, and it will be featured in tonight's dinner.
Day 28 purchases:   none
Day 29 purchases:  none
Day 30 purchases:  mushrooms for  84 cents
Day 31 purchases:  beef tongue for $10.24  I have $2.18 left over.  Soooo, that brings me in to less than a hundred dollars a month, that is, if this evening's meal goes well.  I have lots of stuff left over:  over 1/3 of a jar of coconut oil, a dozen olives, almost an entire beef tongue and 1/3 can of salmon, and a whole bunch of stuff from my trading partners.

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