Monday, February 4, 2013

Hey, CSPI Guy, keep your mitts outta my Food!

The CSPI guy is at it again.  After demonizing coconut oil, now they are going after real food.

I read in a recent issue of their rag (still behind a paid subscription wall) that they are still trying to get SNAP to encourage eating "healthy" foods like fruits and veggies and healthywholegrains.

Then I found this article on the internet that explains pretty much the same plan.  I hope the initiative fails, and here's why.

I used to work at the local food bank, mostly because I used to deliver fresh fruits and veggies to them, and then they just kept asking me back.  So, I know how easy it is to get lots of fresh fruit and vegetables around here.  Currently I am accepting tons of lemons and limes, but also oranges, and later in the year, I will be able to access other citrus fruits, as well as all the cherries, apples and grapes I can process.  Fresh produce and healthywholegrain breads are frequently available at local community centers. 

I am not on the SNAP program, but if I qualified, about the only thing I would be purchasing through the program would be meat, eggs and some avocados.  OK, maybe a bag of carrots out of season.  This means I probably wouldn't get many "healthy" points for buying stuff I don't need or wouldn't eat in favor of all those arterycloggingsaturatedfatladen foods that people don't give away for free.

I already get some weird stares from some of the skinny yoga moms at the local farm-like store.  Their carts are full of organic veggies and juice boxes, and their kids are already eating organic cookies out of the box before they get home.

So yea, let's let the rich moms buy whatever crap they want to, and legislate food morality through all those po' people.  And why is some vegetarian guy running around the country telling people what they gonna eat?


  1. I always managed to eat well on any budget. It is amazing how much money could be saved by not buying non-essentials and eating fat food.

  2. This type of stuff is maddening. One can only hope more truth will continue to come out about what we should eat and eventually "conventional wisdom" will die.

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