Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oh How I hate Teachable Moments

Welcome new readers!  I got lots of comments on my last blog post about vegan diets.  I don't recall too many holier-than-thou vegans when I was as holy, I think that attitude is much stronger these days.

What bothers me even more is the behavior of some registered dietitians who act like Kashi shills and ram healthywholegrains down everyone's throats.

Once when I was at a weekend camp-out, this attending dietitian made a big deal about explaining to us the wonders of steel-cut oats.  'Course, I had my fill of the little buggers when I was a vegetarian, not so much now, but I used to even grind my own from whole oats.

I casually mentioned that I didn't eat wheat anymore, but she insisted that I try the oats, so I agreed to try them the next morning.  She made a big deal out of soaking them and cooking them all night, too.  Unfortunately, she neglected to tell me that the steel-cut oats also contained plenty of other steel-cut grains, like wheat.

That just made me so mad.  Nothing like healthy, satiating, stomach-rumbling-all-day wholegrain wheat.


  1. Ketogenesis, Chapter 16, Verse 9:
    "Rejoice, for the tent of low-carb is with mankind, and normoglycemia resides with them. Anyone conquering carbohydrate will inherit these things. Outside are the carb-ridden dogs and those who are disgusting in their starchy filth, and all those who are liking and carrying on a carb-fuelled lie."

    Sir Monty Beantipper

  2. LCTM, verily I say unto you, I'll be over in an instant.

  3. MmmHmm, as a former and recovered vegan, I can say tried it didn't tolerate it. Looking for the LCTM tent, too!

  4. not many people know this (save my mother, who enjoys throwing it in my face), but about two decades ago i tried vegetarian eating for a couple of years -- except that i never COULD give up seafood. ...i still have a bunch of back-issues of Vegetarian Times, and i was struck at the time that there were two kinds of veg*s, and those who forwent meat for health reasons WEREN'T AS GOOD as those whose motivation was humanitarian. the latter made it quite clear that THEY were the only REAL kind -- the rest were selfish swine.

  5. "People swallow greedily any starch-based lie that flatters them, but they sip only little by little at a
    carb-free truth they find bitter." ~Monty Beantipper

    Over many years, myself and Monty honed a theory which attempted to explain why some people low-carb, whilst others stubbornly resist low-carb's glaringly obvious benefits. We both eventually came to the conclusion that ketosis had a positive effect on that part of the human brain which is responsible for maintaining right and proper thinking. Therefore, it stood to reason that the consumption of carbohydrate led to the development of an acute predisposition toward wrongness.

    Once published, reactions to our hypothesis from those in the scientific community ranged from mere threats of death, to some very real sniper attacks. This only served to validate our suspicion that, thanks to carbohydrate, there's none so blind as those who will not see.

    Roger'Keto Warrior' Jenkins.

    1. LOL -- oh, that was GREAT.... i've thought something similar, but you expressed it PERFECTLY: "the consumption of carbohydrate led to the development of an acute predisposition toward wrongness" !!!