Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Answer to Woo - Part One

I commented on this blog post, but now want to comment additionally.  I'll do it over here, since it is long, something I had wanted to say for awhile, and BECAUSE I WANT TO LEVERAGE WOO'S POPULARITY AND DRIVE TRAFFIC TO MY BLOG!!!!  (Guess at least n=2 on that plan, judging by the other visitors there.)

First a little note about Dr. K and his battle against IF.  I have read him since the beginning, and even though it wasn't 5 years ago, he has always warned people about IF.  He says that people who are leptin resistant shouldnt IF.  He is the only person in the whole paleo cesspool who ever gave any kind of explanation for this, and then later Stephanie Ruper did a post where she outlined some of the problems with women doing IF.  Her explanations were insufficient (and she might reconsider renaming her blog to Paleo for young women).

MY blogpost about it is here, of course with confounding factors.  My take-home clif-note version for my own situation is that I used to do IF and it worked, and then after menopause, along with a typical calorie-reduction plan recommended by [redacted]people, IF was a disaster.

This came up a few times on Paleohacks, with first a tepid response, and then a full-scale, jihhadist, lemming-like, mass-downvoting extravaganza by all the Wolf-pack and their extremely disrespectful zealot brofriend WOD-podners.  ("Oh, we can't let her get away with posting that HERE, now that the top dog in the Wolf-pack even put IF in the TITLE OF HIS BLOG!!")

Maybe Dr. K's explanation is wrong, too, but he was the only one at the time honoring the anecdote.  And, despite his posing, his revisionism, and his insane current marketing plan, I have never seen him waver on the IF prescription.   And that is, "NEVER NEVER NEVER until leptin sensitive."  BTW, you do not have to purchase any supplements or webinars to get the information about Kruse's leptin reset. 

At good time to add, I guess, that Dr. Rosedale also has a plan for making one leptin sensitive again.  And, despite what many tater-eatin' carbbists say, you do not have to eat any expensive supplements in order to do it.  In his book, he clearly explains uses of the supplements, and how to do it on a budget.  None are essential.  I got his book for free at the library.


  1. HEEEY! i think you may have just given me a secondary title for MY blog -- i've been SO-O-O-O jealous of Wooo and Sid for theirs. "paleo for not-young women." ;-)

    i'm too moonish (a Cancerian, influenced by the fact that the moon changes signs every couple of days) to do IF like a lot of people do -- my version is just "not eating if i don't feel like it," and it works VERY well. but i don't think that's REAL IF. it's listening to body-signals that say i don't need fuel.

  2. Oh Tess, I KNOW. I was the "rising star" around here, per an unnamed dietitian and then verified by a drama queen. Now they get all the fun. Srsly, if I had known about Woo 5 years ago, I would have been reading what she thinks of IF.

  3. @farWest, hello! and thanks for visiting

  4. ah, I see a spike in readership. My nefarious plan worked...stay tuned!

  5. Tess, to the rescue I am, with info about alternate day fasting. Is it just the hormone-slashing plan you were looking for?

  6. I think Ruper should rename her blog paleo for dumb women ;)

    You know EB I've never even visited paleohacks but it sounds like that website is full of CRAZY BULLSHIT, lunatics, bored housewives, broscientists, and various other abrasive loonies.

    I suppose I do have to give Kruse credit for being the first relatively prolific person to even suggest fasting might not be good. However, he wasn't the only or first because as soon as I heard of this stupid gimmick (it had to be 2007 or so when CRON was huge and fasting gimmicks followed shortly after) I was ranting about it, on the ALC forums and elsewhere.

    So, yea, I guess I have to RETRACT what I said, but man does Kruse annoy me for his shameless whoring.

    If you want more blog traffic, write hilarious rants. That brings in the crowd. If McEwen links you and you can get storm trolled a few times, before you know it you're getting hundreds of hits per day.

    It also helps to have a medical profession, people find that interesting, hence the popularity of hospital dramas on the tee vee.

    Admit to being crazy/bipolar, and have a mood instability episode every few months or weeks. That helps too, although people may grow tired of you while you whine/complain in an acute depression the mystique of your craziness will give you an aura of a guru.

  7. Hi Woo! I am afraid I am not enough of a traffic whore to attract some people to my blog lol.
    I first started doing IF in 2008, after experiencing wonderful results after fasting for a colonoscopy. It DID work well, for awhile.
    Do you really think Kruse's shameless whoring is any worse than the others? I used to think OMG, what is he thinking, but the antics are starting to look tame compared to the trash Kresser and Wolf are dishing out. And what is with that Dan's plan thing?
    I don't understand why you trash Jimmy. I have been reading some of your earlier posts and you spoke highly of him. I think he is a tireless lc advocate, and at least from what I have seen, he has been very upfront about where he gets his money from. He always posts notices of disclosure. Did you see such a notice on Dr. G's blog? How about Kruse? His stock went down considerably with me after he started pushing bull* coffee on his website. Everyone ran out and got some. When the deal ended, he was back to touting another coffee, his own. Every supplement on his site was due to a deal, not because it was the one he preferred, not a notice of disclosure anywhere. tsk tsk. Doesn't matter if you have discovered the theory of everything, when the credibility is down, people won't read it.

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