Thursday, February 7, 2013

I hate censorship

I found a really great link on Jack Kruse's site the other day, only when I went back, it has seemed to disappear from where I thought it should be.  Maybe I just couldn't find it.

There was a small discussion on Paleohacks about Kruse's mitochondrial Rx.  As far as I know, the Rx hasn't been released publicly, but only to people with paid memberships or private paid consults.  But, by reading what others who have had the Rx "revealed" to them and what they were doing about it, I figured out it was similar to what another posted had shared in the comments section of Hyperlipid.

Over there at Hyperlipid, after a couple of folks asked Dr. K to elaborate on his "last 20 pounds" comment, another poster shot a piece over by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum that looked pretty interesting.  I took a few notes, but it was late, so when I returned the next day, the link had been removed.  I haven't been able to find it again.

This new link was posted on Jack's forum by a participant.  I didn't bookmark it either, but I was able to find it again this morning.  It is by Dr. Sinatra.  In addition to providing the link, the poster also expressed disappointment that Dr. Kruse didn't give credit where credit was due.  This morning, I could not find the post, but I did find this one.  I am putting it here.

"Originally Posted by Zorica Vuletic View Post
Pffft. Let's see about Jack:

He has super loads of money and is in position of power so that he can force his lifestyle (on others/his family) and be the one in control. He has oodles of resources etc. So for him what he does is different b/c basically he's a manic of sorts. For the rest of normal human beings who a. don't have all the resources like him and are b. not in control like he is....what do you do? Isolate yourself away from family in order to 'get all protocols right'? Or...stress about the impact of said isolation b/c it distances you away from family and friends?

Sorry to sound so bitter, but honestly it gets very ridiculous sometimes. Am frustrated to see also that so many people here are doing ALL THESE PROTOCOLS and supplements etc. and are still suffering so bad or that their health really is not improved. One aspect might have been improved only to have something else weird be uncovered...and for what? And for what of all the 'weirdness' and isolation we/you have to go through? I question that quite often. Like OK do I go out in the woods and live in a log cabin BY MYSELF just so that I can 'get all these things right'? *Btw that doesn't sound like too bad of an idea sometimes lol. But I don't have the eccentric gene in least I don't think I do to that level. ....
[Dr. K's reply]
Pretty good time for me to chime in........Here is why some folks will never reach Optimal. Bad Thinking is your biggest obstacle. The mindset we are a collection of our past experiences.........That the past equals our future…….NEWS FLASH: Our biography is not our destiny, but our decisions however do 100% shape our destiny. Moreover, our decisions are what determines ultimate achievement and fulfillment in life. And Zorica this one is particularly just for you. Lack of resources do not limit us EVER, but our lack of resourcefulness is the the only issue behind our failures.

You don't know SH!T about me, or my history, but I love how you default to that belief. It tells me more about you and less about me. If you did, you might be awfully red in the face to see where I have come from. I promise you it far below your current situation. Your attitiude is your personal speed bump to Optimal.

No Rx, resource, money, situation can change that.

Only your resourcefulness can, and it is clear to me that you are saying loudly you may not have enough........if that is the case, cowboy up, and get some, before life passes you by.

I would be quite careful to tell others that they cant do something............focus on what you can do instead of what you can't. You really need to go somewhere and think about this need to stew in this for a while but I bet you get more pissed off then see the silver lining........and again that tells me how you see the world through your eyes. I hope this hits you squarely between the eyes, because you and I do not see life the same way and I think this is what really separates us and puts us in different paths in life. I am just glad their are others here that do not feel as you do...........they would rather create their life than wait for somebody to hand it to them.

Are you truthful with yourself? Do you keep promises you make yourself? Are you quick to forgive yourself? Do you accept responsibility for your actions? Are you consistent with your personal goals? Do you genuinely care and respect the life you have been given?

Integrity is the welcome mat at your front door......... Integrity is telling ourself the truth about our life. And honesty is telling the truth to other people when they may not see it. It's not what we eat, but what we digest that makes us strong; It's not what we gain but what we save that makes us rich, and not what we read but what we remember that makes us learn, and not what we profess but what we practice that gives us integrity.

[Jack's signature quote:]
Many people, especially the ignorant ones, want to punish you for speaking the truth for being correct, for being who you are. Never apologize for being who you are, for being light years ahead of your time. If you are right and you know it, speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth remains the truth. Live it!!!"

Unfortunately for all of us, it looks like Hyperlipid is now more moderated.  Jane left an antogonizing comment after Jack posted his comments regarding the pentose phosphate pathway and d-ribose.  I just couldn't let it go, so I responded.  My response never saw the light of day, but when I checked, Jane's nasty comment had also been removed.  I don't believe my comment was nasty, but it was an unnecessary comment to have there if Jane's wasn't there already.

Jane attacked Dr. K for something he said about iron.  She really ripped into him, and sarcastically asked if he had read what Kresser says about iron.  I found the comment terribly funny, almost laugh out loud funny except I didn't want to wake up the cat.  I responded by saying that I am sure that Jack doesn't run all this theories by Kresser before he puts it out there.  (I am still laughing about this.  I can just see that hilarious vision, that of a meek Jack, timidly walking up to the tall and commanding "real" Dr. K, having Jack meekly raise his hand and ask if it was OK to ask a question.  Then the "real" Dr. K would remind this Weak Jack of his stature in the Paleo community and allow him to proceed anyway.  Weak Jack would stammer and try to force out the ill-formed questions and uncertainties concerning the role of iron in our evolution and our metabolism.  OK, I am still laughing.)

Oh anyway, where was I?  Oh yea, a friend who have been asking me all sorts of questions about metabolism but is also receiving several books from an activist vegan.  She insisted that I was taking tons of supplements and that she could get everything from food.  'Course, the woman was probably 80 pounds overweight and was on statins and has pre-diabetes, along with other problems.  I say fine, get all the CoQ10 from your food.   She also insisted that her newer version of statin didn't have all the other problems of the older statin, so she was OK.  (Oh, did I mention that the activist vegan was also diabetic, takes statins, and is scheduling a couple of cataract surgeries for the spring?  Oh, and that statins were OK for him since he had already had a heart attack?  Oops, the cat woke up again...)

Anyway, that got me thinking about my supplement list and whether it is extreme.  I recently started taking additional supplements.  Here's my list:

Time-release C (when I don't have lots of low-carb citrus)
choline-inositol ('cause the multi doesn't have it)
K2 (when I am not eating grass-fed butter)
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Acetyl L Carnitine
Magnesium glycinate/amino acid chelate in the day
Magnesium malate at night

I started taking many of these supplements after reading Dr. Rosedale.  After a supply disruption with magnesium, I experimented with all sorts of kinds before I found the brands and formulations I now use.  Dr. Eades' blog was very helpful for information on magnesium. After seeing the link to Dr. Teitelbaum's article, I have been taking some of those supplements as well.  Based on my notes, here is what he recommends for mitochondrial health:

Ribose 5 grams 3 x a day for 6 weeks, then 2x a day for 6 weeks
CoQ10 400 gm 6 weeks then 200 a day for 6 weeks
Magnesium 200 per day 12 weeks
B complex 50 mg
Acetyl L Carnitine 500 mg 2x pr day 6 weeks, then 1x per day 6 weeks

I also get outdoors every day, and to the beach at least once a week.  I "ground" not with wires sticking out of my bedroom window, but because I am barefoot outside in the garden when I can be.  I did all that before reading Dr. Kruse, but since reading, I do go to the beach more often and also do regular CT.  I had already been avoiding my family in the evening because I don't like the fluorescent lights and all the trashy TV they watch.  And, yes, I do like the yellow glasses in the evenings.  I have never purchased any type of webinar or live seminar, and I am grateful for ALL the folks who have made such helpful information available for free on the internet.

But, Wow!, Jack.  You know that old saying paraphrase, that you can take someone out of trailer park, but it is harder to remove the trailer trash outta their head.  I'd say from Jack's post re-printed here that despite being transported to a wonderful home with a man-cave, a lake and a wine cellar, he's still living in poverty.  I really am not up for trashing the flock for not meeting all the expectations, no matter where you came from.

I'll end this post with another little quote about integrity.  Oh, and another, though I don't think it is really from Gandhi.  Good advice anyway.  Think I'll take it.


  1. Oh please. "Mitochondrial cocktails" have been around for ages in various formulations from various gurus. Kruse as always is plagiarising and selling it wrapped up in leptin mysticism and woo.

    No wonder he was peddling the d-ribose bullshit on Hyperlipid. I knew straight away what was up.

  2. OMG, Jane quotes Kresser as an authority on iron??? her stock just plummeted from its sufficiently-low place in my esteem....

    i'm going to have to read it again for detail and follow the links, but the overall flavor is congenial to me!

    as you know, i value certain supplements because even though i consume all i need, i don't absorb some of them worth a damn. special nutrient needs are HIGHLY individual, and it's total BS for one person to tell another what she NEEEEEEDS (or doesn't). ...i'm sure you've told your friend that The Vegan is deluded, and that clinical experience clearly shows that although ovo-lacto vegetarians CAN maintain health, veganism is a shortcut to complete self-destruction.

  3. Sid, can you please share these other mito cocktails, with refs? Not that I don't believe you, I just want to go to the source and give credit where it is due.

  4. Tess, google ate my response to you, but the beach calls and I want to get there when there is some sun. L8tr.

  5. I'm on the iphone but I will email you the papers later.

  6. Hi optimal cave visitors! I used to have an ID, now where is it? I didn't know the place was still active. I'll be on by soon.

  7. This just in from Gallier2:
    "I also thought the Peter and SG removed some comments and started to accuse them of censorship. Then I discovered that the blogger site splits the comment section in pages when more than 200 comments are posted. The direct link to the comment that you get in .rss feed or by email only works for the first page. So if you ment for example that Jane' comment

    has been removed by Peter then you are wrong, it is still there on the second page.

    You're welcome."

  8. Hi G!! Blogger was wonky this am and I couldn't even post anything. Anyway, I did get hung up before on Peter's comments thread, when it got very long. But I think I was referring to the fat mouse study post (interestingly, the post had no title). In those comments, Jack dropped the ribose bomb, and when Jane and others demanded more info, Jack dropped in someone else's references. Someone called him on that, too. Jane's iron comment and my response were after that. If you ever find it, will you let me know???

  9. @Tess, Jane implied that Jack didn't know Jack about iron. It is clear that she has never read his stuff, since iron is at the heart of his theories regarding the k-t event and life and evolution afterwards. This has not much to do with Kresser's warning about iron overload. In fact, if people follow Jack's epi-paleo diet instead of downing the paleo standard of three grass-fed ribeye's a day with a salad, they wouldn't be getting all that iron.

  10. Hi caver's! My account had been deactivated, and I tried several times to re-register. Guess my typing isn't up to snuff. I'll try later.

  11. i feel like i've only dabbled my toes in the ocean of Jack's work, but sometimes i just get bogged down, and have to come up for air! :-) i seem to understand that epi-paleo calls for more seafood; i could really get into that!

    what the partially-educated like Kresser don't seem to understand is that iron intake and iron absorption aren't necessarily on the same page. also, the body is designed to only absorb iron it NEEDS ... and haven't i read that people only show pathological iron storage when they consume a high-carb diet?

  12. It's all about raw oysters. Do you really need to know anything else?

  13. my iron has gone really high since starting to eat meat, but I give blood regularly and so don't worry about it. The blood center says that my iron reading is the highest for women they have seen. Not sure if that is a good thing, but I'll keep donating just in case.

  14. EB, we moved servers a few months ago and I apologize if we deactivated your log in. we have had others with issues so I think there is a contact button that goes to Itsy or my PMs

    as for Jacks place and that thread the behaviour is inappropriate and detracts from what information you can derive from the ramblings

    maile from OHC

  15. @M, I couldn't find an e-mail address, so I sent in for a new pw, since it is on a deactivated account, I don't know if it will go through automatically.

  16. EB I contacted Itsy the site owner and we will see if we can fix this for you. alternatively you could sign up again and I do know we are able to somehow realign the old and the new log in

  17. I tried logging in the old way, and also establishing a new account. I can't seem to get past the question.

  18. EB did you log on to
    or the forummotion version?
    the first one is where we are located now, if that is still a problem can you see my email? contact me that way

  19. I did the newer version, the site that was linked in my stats. BTW, I couldn't see your e-mail, have to be logged in for that? Anyway, I got in, DUH!!!! I promise to not be a lurker this time.

  20. See the thing is, that link - to Stephen Sinatra's Mito "cocktail" - that Zorica posted, is NOT Jack Kruse's Mitochondrial Rx and I guess the way she added that link to a...well...pretty rude toned post was enough to get it removed? :)
    Sure, the awesome foursome supplements have been recommended for years now, by numerous practioners...not just Sinatra and Kruse, and not because they want to put their name to the combination but because they work.

    The Mitochondrial Rx, Kruse style, as far as I can tell, involves looking at Mitochondrial DNA genetics, epigenetics and various biomarkers before suggesting more specific recommendations regarding getting magnesium to where it needs to be, and ATP recycling on track.
    Its not a blanket bunch of supplements and Zorica was wrong to imply so much.

  21. @PT, the link to Teitelbaum's work was on Peter's blog, not Jack's site. Zorica was not the only person who posted information about Jack's mitoRX on the 'nets. And, while I agree that Zorica's post was strongly worded, it pales in comparison to Jack's angry response towards her. But, the ultimate irony is that in his response, Jack lifted quotes from others without cites, quotes on integrity no less.
    In response to Jack's statements on Peter's blog, several people asked for refs, and he just copied and pasted from someone else. That is what this post is really about.

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