Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oh, the Irony

OK, I am old, now who is this guy?  Besides, I think I am going to be busy that day, can't go to a concert.  I am not sure of the day, but I am sure I am busy.

Morrissey is coming to town.  Now I am generally suspicious of stars that go by first names only, but really, he is insisting that only vegetarian fare be served at the concert site.  And to appease him, the Staples center is trying to get nearby eateries to comply with his demands wishes?  And, how much "clean" radius does a music star need before he'll perform?

I need to warn Morrissey that he is going into some serious carnitas territory here.  Vegetarian fare near the Staples center would probably be a bean and cheese burrito, but then one really couldn't be sure..... Could a meat-eating, murderous carnivore have to go to the Valley or El Monte to get some serious carnitas?

Oh yeah, where was I?  Oh, right, so he has cancelled some concerts already, due to illness.  It seems he is having some severe stomach issues.

And I am thinking, "Hey, I used to have some serious stomach issues."  And many times, a vegetarian diet made things better.  Eventually I developed a long list of foods I could not tolerate.  Meat fat, tomatoes, soy milk, nuts, peppers, eggplant, sour cream, butter, vegan cold cuts, milk, beets, alcohol on and on.  And this is how the logic went down.

A + B => bad
A + C => bad
A + D => bad
Therefore, B and C and D are bad. 

This flurry of logic is an embarrassment for someone as statistically gifted as I am.  And yes, I was developing GERD before getting off the "healthy" vegetarian diet and onto a fat-swilling artery-clogging low carb diet.  And here is what I found out:

GERD has nothing to do with what time of the day I eat, but everything to do with eating wheat.  I can eat every food listed above (ok, except raw beets) without a problem as long as I haven't eaten any wheat.  For years I avoided all those foods when I really should been avoiding that one food.   The main reason I did not realize it is that wheat damage has a very long half-life for me.  Even when I was eating wheat about a couple of times a week, I still didn't notice the problem, because at least until the end, it was always at a constant, low level.

This Morrissey guy, he has severe stomach problems, and Barrett's esophagus, and he wants to insist that everyone eat like he does?  He could get cancer from this, and while I don't really know what he is eating, I am wondering if he is putting 2 and 2 together like I did.  And, now I am getting this uneasy feeling in my stomach again, as I realize that he is demanding that others take the same dangerous path he has taken.


  1. yeah, we're supposed to take nutritional advice from a sick guy? let's ask Steve Jobs and Linda McCartney how they're feeling on their ultimately healthy diets....

  2. Nathan Pritikin, too. He had that ultra low fat diet that cured his heart disease, and then he died of cancer and suicide.

  3. OK, there are some vegan nuts, but what really annoys me is how they are revered while leading a self-destructive life-style. Vegetarianism if officially promoted as a healthy life-style.

  4. exactly, Galina! the brainwashing has been effective! i find it almost incomprehensible, though, that VEGANISM isn't considered an eating disorder!

  5. In fairness, wheat is in so many things that it's hard to figure out it's bad unless you deliberately eliminate it.

    "...chronic inflammation of the throat that occurs from acid reflux..."--been there. That was the original reason I went on a LC diet, and unlike Morrissey, I cured myself.

  6. Yes, veganism is an eating disorder. I do like some of the Smith's music (heaven knows I'm miserable now) and lyrics
    (And if a double-decker bus
    Crashes in to us
    To die by your side
    Is such a heavenly way to die
    And if a ten ton truck
    Kills the both of us
    To die by your side
    Well the pleasure, the privilege is mine)

    Shame about the vegan crap.

  7. It's not so much about the food choice of veganism that annoys me, but the "holier-than-thou" elitism undertone of it. The magic of quinoa and exotic wheatberries are reserved for the rich; only the poor and stupid eat cheeseburgers!111

  8. I was once a vegan and can tell you it's living being a monk/nun. I freed myself with VLC living and meat eating. No more reflux...hmmm. Could it be that the sugar in even the gluten free food was causing the reflux? Yes. I feel sad for him. I hope he wakes up and smells the bacon.

  9. Hi folks, I was vegan for awhile, and while I never considered myself eating disordered, I was just trying to get healthier. The vegan diet was worse for me, and I abandoned it after awhile. It is also very hard to follow socially. I found that even the macrobiotic diet was easier, because it is more 80/20.
    That holier-than-thou attitude didn't bother me when I was holy lol. But at the time, I did lunch with other vegetarians. The low carb folks aren't the cool kids that is for sure, and I have to endure endless butter criticism.

  10. It's hard to be a LC crazy in the eyes of the word.

    I was a vegan as well in the past and am a lifelong fan of Morrissey and The Smiths, so it bums me out that he is so sick and isn't getting it.

    Sometimes I think that the message is getting out there; that eating LC or Paleo is actually much healthier but then I see something like this. Also I just registered for a tech conference here in SoCal and the lunch options were omnivore/vegetarian/vegan.. it's hard not to sense a bit of moral superiority there. And Whole Foods is totally on a vegan-quest too .. so so misguided.

    Also, I would say that the carnitas near Staples Center are probably NOT vegetarian friendly. :>