Thursday, March 17, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different

Dr. Kurt Harris created quite a stir on his blog recently when he came out as an evil Rice'Crispies-chompin' starch-eater. Unfortunately, I found his blog just as he was closing the comment option and the forum, due to all the hoopla created by his posts.

I am really glad to see this, and his situation addresses one of the concerns I have had about the Paleo diet.  (I'll be posting soon on why I am not really a Paleo.)  And, I can plug his wonderful blog while at the same time showing you that I can be somewhat unbiased by showing you a work extolling the virtues of carbs.

Dr. Harris found that when he was very active he lost too much weight on a very low carb diet.  So he added the starch back in.  Here's the post that started the commotion.
Read Part II, posted next.
His experience mirrors my own in that I find I need more carbohydrate when I am extremely active.

However, it is difficult (at least for me) to ascertain the correct level to eat by reading many of the popular low-carb diet books.  Many, in fact, recommend various levels of nutrients and also say that tons of exercise isn't necessary for weight loss.  And, while it may be true, such recommendations don't adequately apply in the situation of a person who has an extremely active lifestyle.  In my own case, much of my exercise is in the garden, and the work can get pretty intense, especially in the fall.  I'm not about to stop it because some diet doctor says I don't really need all of it.  I work hard in the garden no matter what my weight or diet success.  I work in my garden because I want good veggies and I am obsessed.  (OK, I'm obsessed first, but justify the obsession by talking up the healthy veggie side-effect.)

Oh, Rice Crispies?  What were they doing in the cupboard of a Paleo?  Maybe, like my grandma for sure, he had one of those hand-cranked rice crispers.  I hope he didn't wash them down with a container of chocolate soy milk!

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